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FREE Counting Farm Animals Emergent Reader

This counting farm animals reader will get children reading simple sight words, counting farm animals, and gluing on the corresponding number.

FREE Counting Farm Animals Emergent Reader - this is such a fun, free printable reader to help toddler, preschool, and kindergarten practice counting with a fun farm theme. #farmtheme #counting #preschool

There is something exciting about the farm. The open land, the sounds of animals, dirt to play in, and so much more make it an exciting place for exploring and learning.

Today, we can’t visit the farm, but we can read and count the animals that are there!

Counting Farm Animals

I love learning activities that are simple to prepare. And this is one of those.

  1. First, print off the pages of the book.
  2. Next, cut them out and then staple together.
  3. Finally, gather up scissors and glue. If your child struggles with cutting, you could go ahead and cut out the numbers that will be glued on to the pages.

Emergent Reader

Previewing a book with little ones is essential to helping them succeed. Before reading with your student, here are a few things you may want to review!


Sight words:

The first step is to make sure your child is familiar with the sight words used in the book. This book focuses on two sight words….I and see.

Before having your child read the book, review those words with them. You could simply write them on a whiteboard and practice “reading” them. Or write each word on two sticky notes. Then play a matching game. Every time your kiddo turns over a word, have them say it.


Farm Printable

Most children know the names of farm animals, but it can never hurt to go on a picture walk. All you need to do is open up the book, and point to each animal. Let your child say the name of the animal, and if they don’t know the name or say it wrong….now is a great time to help them with the pronunciation of learning the correct name.

This would also be a great time to practice one-to-one correspondence and practice figuring out how many animals there are.


Number Words

Last but not least you may want to introduce the numbers words. You can read the first page to your child and point at each word as you read!

” I see …..this word tells me how many chickens I see….how many chickens are there?”


“Yes, there are five chickens, so when I get to this word I will say five. I see five chickens.”


Reading Counting Book

Now it is time to jump in and let you kiddo read! Hopefully will all the prep, they should be successful at working through the words.

If not, gently correct and model reading the sentence correctly pointing to each word!

Counting Farm Animals Emergent Reader

Number Recognition

The last part of this activity focuses on number recognition. The children will cut out the numbers on the last page, and then glue them in the circle at the top of each page.
As they are doing this, it may be helpful to point out the connections.

“Look there is one horse. This is the number one. The picture shows me one horse. Where is the word that says one?”

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