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36 Number Games

When teaching your child to count or recognize/write their numbers, the most fun you can have is with number games. Here are some number games you can try with your kids!

36 Educational Number Games - so many fun math activities for kids from toddler, preschool, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade kids to make math practice FUN!
Sometimes we tend to lean on worksheets and textbooks for teaching numbers because it’s easy and convenient, and of course, it works. However, our kids experience burnout if we don’t vary our methods from time to time.Games and hands-on experiences are just as effective as worksheets and textbooks and can provide a fun break from the norm. Sometimes, they make tasks such as learning to count, recognizing and writing numbers, and extensions of those activities easier and faster to learn! You may enjoy doing some of these fun number games with your children.

Number Games

Number Sense Games

  1. Find some time in your day to practice number sense with this Number Sense “Roll and Cover” game.
  2. Need to work on how to use a number line for counting or solving math problems? Here is a huge list of 20 number line ideas to try!
  3. Dice are great for use in counting and number sense, so give some of these dice games a whirl.
  4. Small hands can mold and create visual representations of numbers with these playdough play mats with numbers.
  5. It’s important to be able to understand the numbers 11-20, and this counting bugs game is perfect to reinforce that skill.


Number Writing and Recognition Games

  1. Got a child who loves building with Legos or Duplos? Then these Lego/Duplo Number Mats will make their day!
  2. Match numbers with their representations in bingo marker dots – because you know, all kids love playing with bingo markers!
  3. And here are some more bingo marker number worksheets your child might enjoy.
  4. If the sun is shining, why not play a number game outside?

Hundreds Chart and Number Line Games

  1. If your little one needs some practice with a hundreds chart, have him/her try some of these hundreds chart activities.
  2. Like to play the classic Battleship board game? How about a twist on the game with this Battleship Hundreds Chart game.
  3. Clipping missing numbers on a number line is an activity that can easily be turned into a hands-on game.
  4. Here are some numbers chart activities that will give your child a solid foundation for working with numbers to 100.


  1. Children can practice counting to 100 with this resource – a fun game that can be played individually or with a partner.
  2. Counting to 20 is a skill reinforced in this Spring counting game.
  3. Never underestimate the value of a simple board game for counting practice – and here is a list of some favorite family “hop around the board” type games to try.
  4. Go on a safari while learning to count to 30 with this counting game.


Addition and Subtraction

  1. This number bonds matching game can help cement basic addition and subtraction facts.
  2. Flowers are the theme in this number bonds activity, perfect to pull out in the Spring.
  3. For your apple themed learning unit, print out this apple number bonds activity.
  4. Let little foodies enjoy pretending to make blueberry muffins while practicing their addition facts.
  5. What kid wouldn’t love ice cream? This fun ice cream printable also helps them practice number bonds.
  6. Puzzles are a fun activity and work well as a means to practice addition skills. Print out these butterfly addition puzzles to try.

Odd and Even Numbers Practice Games

  1. Hop and play outside while learning about odd and even numbers in this outside numbers game.
  2. This game is summer-themed but still great for use year-round to review odd and even numbers.
  3. Children who like playing with toy cars will enjoy this parking space game – use it to practice odd and even numbers as well as other number concepts.

Ordinal Numbers Games

  1. Swatting huge flies in this exciting game gives children practice with ordinal numbers.
  2. A felt penguin counting game is a great way to break out some fun in cold weather months.
  3. These coloring pages are a fun activity to keep little learners entertained for a period of time.

Place Value Games

  1. Let your child learn about place value while concocting an ice cream sundae.
  2. This low-prep game board will help give your child a solid understanding of place value.
  3. For families with multiple children, or for co-op settings, try out this fun “I Have, Who Has” place value game.

General Skills Practice

  1. On a rainy day when you need something fun to do, pick up these “cootie catchers.” They are fun for some spontaneous practice.
  2. If you need a visual reference, or some flash cards with which to practice, these number wall cards and flashcards are perfect!
  3. Spin and win with these frog math game worksheets covering 2nd through 4th-grade skills.
  4. Playdough, paints, building blocks, and more can be used with these simple printable number mats.


Need more Math Games Ideas? Here’s a whole math games list just for preschool!

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