November 12, 2022
All About Me Kindergarten

All About Me Kindergarten


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Looking for a fun, creative, and engaging All About Me Kindergarten lesson for expanding horizons? You will love these resources for making a family tree, leanring about your neighborhood, community helpers, and lots more! Includes free kindergarten social studies printables.

Looking for a fun, creative, and engaging All About Me Kindergarten lesson for expanding horizons? You will love these resources for making a family tree, leanring about your neighborhood, community helpers, and lots more! Includes free kindergarten social studies printables.

All about Me Kindergarten

Expanding Horizons basically means kids are first introduced to Social Studies through the familiar and the close at hand, initially studying their home, family, neighborhood, and then community. (I think this would also be a wonderful, fun study for Preschool.) We completed It’s All About Me Project to help Goofy better understand how he can live in all those different places at the same time. Expanding Horizons - my room

All about me book kindergarten

  • He drew pictures of himself, his family, his birthday party, his house, and his friends.
  • He wrote his name, age, address, favorites, and phone number.
  • We made his fingerprints & talked about how no one else has ones like his – God made him special & unique. But God knows everything about him – even the number of hairs on his cute little head (Luke 12:7)

We read books suggested by Social Studies Through Children’s Literature: An Integrated Approach. These are both excellent resources.

  • I love how People introduces that people look different, dress differently, live in different homes, and have different preferences – WONDERFUL!
  • Sarah Morton’s Day: A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Girl is a wonderful look at a day in this Pilgrim girl’s life. Wonderful pictures and simple text really help you to see what life was like for her.


all about me kindergarten project

Expanding Horizons Family Tree

  • We talked about how we have a nuclear & extended family. We looked through our picture books, talked about our family, and….
  • AWESOME art resource that doesn't make a mess everywhere!We made a family tree. We went back to his Great-Great Grandparents (1867). We used Bingo Markers to make the leaves. (These are a fun, versatile tool that enhance the art experience. )Expanding Horizons
  • We talked about the importance of family. How God created families. (Deut 5:16, Prov 1:8, Col 3:20, Gen 1:27-28, Eph 5:23, and with the example of Jesus who was also born into a family)
  • We read books suggested by Social Studies Through Children’s Literature: An Integrated Approach. I really liked Always Gramma that tells a sweet story about a granddaughter who teachers her Gramma how to read.

Girls teaches her Gramma to read

All about my Neighborhood for Kindergartners

Goofy drew our streetWe took a walk through our neighborhood & talked about what made a neighborhood. We read about Mabel’s neighborhood in Miss Mabel’s Table. We mapped our neighborhood
We had a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt
We read books on neighborhood – Don’t miss Where Do I Live? that shows the expanding horizons up through the milk way galaxy. Another good one is In Coal Country that tells the story of a community of coal miners – very interesting!

Expanding horizons from room all th way to the Milkway Galaxy! Wonderful resources for teaching expanding horizons! ***Story of a community of coal workers*** Woman who works to make her community more beautiful

All About my Community for Kindergartners

  • Made a list of what is in our community / cityGoofy & Tinkerbell at Truck Show
  • Made an Errand List to do in our community (i.e. mail a letter, buy milk, get gas for the car, get a haircut, take sister to ballet lessons, get a book from the library, go to the doctor, put money in savings)
  • Used dress-ups & puppets to role play community helpers.
  • Did Who Can Help worksheet (cutting, pasting practice)

Goofy getting a demonstration from a Paramedic

Expanding Horizons Field Trips for Homeschooolers

  • Met Paramedic & explored Ambulance
  • Met Garbage Collector & Explored Garbage Truck
  • Met Snow plow driver & Explored Plow
  • Met Police Officer & sat in Police Car
  • Met Firefighter & explored Fire truck
  • Met Mail Carrier & saw inside of USPS & UPS truck
  • Explored various Farming Vehicles
  • Explored various helper trucks: tree cutter, apple picker, steam roller, dump truck, etc.
Firefighter letter 9-11 001Firefighter letter 9-11 002
  • Wrote Firefighters a letter (and got a letter & goodies back from the Fire Chief!! It was VERY exciting)
  • Graphed favorite city parks (click to see post with more details)

Read Books about Community & Community Helpers

We have tons of fun, creative Community Helpers Crafts and Activities. You can enjoy a week-long Community Helpers Theme to make learning fun for preschool, pre k, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, and grade 4 students.  Try some of our community helper science, community helpers themed math activities, or make it a community helpers preschool theme. No matter what you choose - this is sure to engage kids .  HUGE pack of super cute, free printable Community helpers coloring book printable for toddler, preschool pre k, kindergarten, first grade students  Community Helper Printable Wheel There is something about pretend play props that help kids feel like they are official. This 21 page pack of zoo printables will have your toddler, preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade students feel I’m A Zoo Keeper! Use these community helper pages for your dramatic play for preschoolers. 

Community Helpers Activities

These Free Printable Community Signs Worksheets are a fun, hands on way for students to familiarize themselves with safety signs and their meanings.  This practical, educational activity helps toddler, preschool, pre k, kindergarten, and first graders know what signs mean so they stay safe in their community.  Free Firefighter Worskheets Community Helpers Stem activities  community helpers matching game  doctor worksheets

free-alphabet-hats FREE A to Z Letter Find- super cute printable abc worksheets to help kids practice letter recognition of both uppercase and lowercase letters. Perfect for toddler, preschool, and kindergarten age kids #alphabet #preschool #kindergarten FREE Uppercase Letter Crafts - you will love these no prep alphabet crafts - just print, color, cut, paste, and tape / glue together #preschool #alphabet #craftsforkids

Alphabet Printables for Kids

  • A to Z Printable Alphabet Hats – learn vocabulary, intorduce beginning sounds, and more with this alphabet craft
  • Printable Alphabet Bracelets – perfect for a letter of the week – just color, cut and tape your alphabet bracelet
  • Alphabet Playdough Mats – strengthen fine motor skills while forming letters out of play doh
  • Alphabet Mini Book Printable – low prep, fold and go alphabet book for each letter
  • A to Z Letter Find – each alphabet letter has a different theme with recognition letter
  • Alphabet Coloring Pages – with over 200,000 worksheets, these are HUGELY popular ABC coloring sheets!
  • Free Alphabet Worksheets – for a more in depth look at letters including alphabet mazes, cut and paste beginning sound activity and more, don’t miss these popular kindergarten worksheets!
  • Printable Alphabet Crafts – no prep, one page printable letter craft for each letter of the alphabet from A to Z.


Free - Expanding Horizons Spanish Vocabulary

Plus we worked on Spanish Vocabulary for Me, My Family, My Neighborhood, My Community, and Community Helpers.  You are welcome to print the 3 sheets of vocabulary & the vocabulary practice sheet by clicking on the image below. It is for your personal use. Feel free to share my site with anyone you like, but please don’t share files directly. Thanks!

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