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Free Printable Community Signs Worksheets

These Free Printable Community Signs Worksheets are a fun, hands on way for students to familiarize themselves with safety signs and their meanings.  This practical, educational activity helps toddler, preschool, pre k, kindergarten, and first graders know what signs mean so they stay safe in their community.
These Free Printable Community Signs Worksheets are a fun, hands on way for students to familiarize themselves with safety signs and their meanings.  This practical, educational activity helps toddler, preschool, pre k, kindergarten, and first graders know what signs mean so they stay safe in their community. 

These Free Printable Community Signs Worksheets are a fun, hands on way for students to familiarize themselves with safety signs and their meanings.  In this pack are the followings signs for kids to learn: stop, yield, speed limit, traffic light, dead end, one way, no parking, crosswalk, rest area, do not enter, no u turn, and rail road crossing.

Learning about signs in the community help children not only function well in the world, but keep them safe too so they know what rules are their to protect and guide them.

The pages in this pack include a variety of activities for children to become familiar with common safety signs they will see all around them in the community.  These free worksheets are perfect for toddler, preschool, pre k, kindergarten, and first grade students.

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Free Printable Community Signs Worksheets

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There are both black and white pages to help you save on printing ink costs as well as a page of colorful safety signs to make sure children know what the signs look like in their neighborhoods, city, and community.

free printable Safety Signs Worksheets for preschool, pre k, kindergarten, and first graders

Safety Signs Worksheets

Students will learn how safety signs for kids have meanings. Everything from the color, shape, and images help give clues to drivers and pedestrians of what the traffic sign, road sign, and community signs mean.

Children can practice tracing common shapes including: circle, diamond, triangle, square, pentagon, octagon and rectangle.

Next, students will cut and paste the safety signs onto the free printable safety signs worksheets. This will not only help them to begin understanding how similar signs have similar shapes, but is also great for strengthening fine motor skills as children practice using scissors, glue, and a pencil.

use the Free Printable Road Signs for Preschool to color in the traffic signal red, yellow, and green

Free Printable Road Signs for Preschool

Next, children will learn about the traffic sign that tells cars and other vehicles when to stop, go, and slow down. Ask students what would happen without these signs. Hopefully they will understand that without these helpful guidance and rules – vehicles would crash into each other as no one would know who goes first and roads would be congested and filled with traffic and drivers try to figure out who should go first at major, busy intersections.

Use red, green, and yellow crayons or markers to color in the stop light. Make sure they follow directions to get them in the right spot. Have you ever noticed all the red lights are always in the same place?

rail road crossing, stop sign, and traffic sign free printable lacing cards

Finally, laminate the traffic light, stop sign, and railroad crossing sign pages and cut out the figure. Use a hole punch to make wholes around the outside of the shape. Now, using a shoe lace or yarn, have students practice lacing the card. This not only allows kids to look at the sign a lot to gain fluency, but is great for strengthening coordination and dexterity of little fingers.

learn about the meaning behind the colors of signs in this Free Community Safety Signs Worksheets

Free Community Safety Signs Worksheets

Next printable in the pack is a community signs worksheets free for teaching kids about the meaning of colors of signs.  There is a brief description for parents and teachers to read to children. Then children can trace the color words with the correct colored pencil. You will need the following colors: red, black, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, and pink.

This is a a great activity to dive deeper into understanding safety signs, but also good for practicing tracing letters, learning color words, and working on color recognition too!

cut and paste Community Signs Worksheets to show where signs go on the map and in your community

Community Signs Worksheets

Finally, students will have a chance to put all of what they’ve learned together with the safety signs worksheets free. This street sign worksheets is a colorful image of a map. Children will cut and paste the signs out and then look at the neighborhood shown to figure out where they go.

The simple map includes roads, homes, park, school, community center, one way streets and a railroad track and crossing. This page is great for combining all they’ve learned into a practical application.


Teach Preschoolers about Traffic Signs

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Free Worksheets

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Printable Safety Signs Pack

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