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A new school year has started and fall is quickly on its way. Which means it’s time to pull out all of those fun apple learning activities! Download this free versatile apple math printable to practice counting and one-to-one correspondence, number recognition, or addition/subtraction.
FREE Apple Math for Kids - this free printable activity is a fun math activity for preschool, prek, and kindergarten age kids to practice addition, counting, subtraction, and one to one correspondence #apple #preschool #kindergarten


Hands on activities are the perfect way for learners of all ages to practice math concepts. By being able to manipulate items, they can explore how numbers work. This apple math activity printable allows learners of various ages to use manipulatives to practice important math concepts such as one-to-one correspondence and operations like addition and subtraction.

Apple Math for Kids

Materials Needed
  • Apple Math Activity printable (see below)
  • Laminator (optional for durability)
  • Red buttons or pom poms or marbles
apple counting game for preschool

Apple Math Activities

Print out the Apple Math Counting Activity printable base sheet and number cards. (It is recommended that you print on High Quality for vibrant colors.)You may wish to laminate the pages for increased durability. This will allow the activity to be used by several children or throughout several years.Cut apple number cards apart. (If you are using them to do addition/subtraction practice, you will need to print two copies of the cards.)


Put 10 red craft poms/buttons/flat bottom marbles in a small cup. (If doing addition/subtraction, 20 manipulatives are needed.)

Apple Math for Kids

Create an invitation to play and learn by setting out the apple tree base sheet, number  cards, and red manipulative items out at a learning table. Placing items on a cookie sheet or plastic tray can aid in keeping all the pieces together. Encourage children to play the game one of two ways:

Preschool Apple Math

For practicing counting and one-to-one correspondence, learners will draw a card and place the appropriate number of “apple” manipulatives on the apple tree base sheet. They can check their work by recounting all of the “apples”.


Apple Addition

For older learners working on addition and subtraction, place number cards on the table to create a math problem to be solved. Encourage children to put the first number of “apples” on the tree, then add/take away the second number. They can count up the remaining apples to find the answer to the problem. Children can then either find the appropriate number card or write the number on the blank apple card with a dry erase marker (if cards are laminated).


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Addition Activities

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Apple Math for Kids

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