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Cootie Catchers Math Games

Kids love using Cootie Catchers as a fun way to practice academic skills. These Cootie Catchers Math Games focuses on addition, subtraction and doubling to ten, plus number recognition from 1-10. Great for preschool, Kindergarten and Grade 1.

These FREE Cootie Catchers are fun math games great for practicing addition, subtraction and doubling to ten plus number recognition! This free printable math activity is perfect for Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade.

Cootie Catchers Math Games

What you’ll need:
  • download this Math Cootie Catchers printable (below)
  • paper for printing
  • scissors
  • the instructions are included in the printable so you’ll know exactly how to fold them correctly!

Use these free Cootie Catchers for a fun way to consolidate math skills!

How to play with Cootie Catchers:

  1. One child holds the Cootie Catcher ready to use.
  2. Another child chooses one of the outside flaps and answers the problem on that flap, saying the number out loud.
  3. The 1st child counts out that number while moving the Catcher side to side.
  4. The 2nd child chooses an inner section from the ones they can see, solves the problem and says the number.
  5. The 1st child counts and moves the Catcher again.
  6. The 2nd child chooses another inner segment.
  7. The 1st child opens the flap under that number, and the 2nd child solves the problem and says the answer.
Practice using tally marks, ten frames and numerals with these free Cootie Catchers!


Types of math within 10

These Cootie Catchers use a combination of written numbers, tally marks, ten frames, groups of dots and shapes, and fingers.

Number recognition: For our youngest learners there are 2 Cootie Catchers just for number recognition. One for numbers 1-5 and the other for numbers 6-10. Children simply need to say the number they see out loud, then the child holding the Cootie Catcher can count out that number while manipulating the Cootie Catcher.

Addition: For this Cootie Catcher, children need to solve the problem presented to them while they play. The outer flaps are numerals. The next layer of flaps contain tally marks and fingers. The inside flaps contain heart ten frames and dots. If your child is not familiar with tally marks or ten frames you’ll need to teach them about those first.

Subtraction: This Cootie Catcher uses the same types of number formats as the Addition.

Doubling: For this Cootie Catcher children need to double each number they see. The outer flaps are numerals. The middle flaps are tally marks and ten frames and the inside problems are groups of shapes.

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