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Order of Operations Pumpkin Puzzles

Do you have a middle schooler who’s working on order of operations? Or perhaps a high schooler who could use some fun review? Well, then these adorable Order of Operations Pumpkin Puzzles are for you! These order of operations puzzles give Pre-algebra and Algebra students a chance to practice important skills, as well as work on mental math.

FREE Order of Operations Pumpkin Puzzles - These super cute free printable, math games will help middle schoolers (5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade) students practice order of operations while having fun with these fall themed educational activities.

Order of Operations Pumpkin Puzzles

These super cute FREE Order of Operations Pumpkin Puzzles are such a fun way for kids to practice order of operations. This is great for math practice and fluency with older elementary and middle school kids.
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This download includes 18 pumpkin puzzles to practice calculating expressions using the order of operations.

what is order of operations - great math explanation with free printable, cool math games for 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade kids.

What is order of operations?

The order of operations is a set of guidelines created to ensure that all math calculations are solved the same way.

For example, say you are given the expression: 3 x 5 + 9 x 2.

If I solve it strictly from left to right (multiply 3 and 5, then add 9, then multiply by 2), I would get a solution of 48.  But if you solve by multiplying 3 x 5 and 9 x 2 first, and then add, you would get a solution of 33. So which answer is correct?


Well, thanks to a standard known as order of operations, the correct solution is 33. This ensures that everyone follows the same order when solving problems, and solutions remain consistent.


So in case you are unfamiliar, the order of operations is as follows:

  • Parentheses and brackets (start by solving everything inside parentheses first)
  • Exponents (solve all exponents)
  • Multiplication and division (solve all multiplication and division from left to right)
  • Addition and subtraction (solve all addition and subtraction from left to right)
FREE Order of Operations Pumpkin Puzzles


How to use the order of operations puzzles:

Simply print them on cardstock and use a laminator so the puzzles don’t get bent and can be used over and over again. Then , cut each pumpkin into two pieces, and the puzzles are ready to go!

To complete the puzzles, students simply calculate the value of the expression given on the top of each pumpkin. To do this, they must correctly follow order of operations. Find the bottom pumpkin piece that has the correct solution. Easy!

Order of Operations Pumpkin Puzzles

These expressions were designed with fairly simple numbers so that kids can put their mental math skills to work as well.  Solving these calculations mentally is a great workout for the brain. Plus, it will help kids practice and increase their fact fluency.

I hope your kids will have fun practicing math skills in a unique way with these fun, Fall puzzles!

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Order of Operations Pumpkin Puzzles

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