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35 CVC Words Activities

Whether you’re teaching preschoolers, kindergarteners, or first graders, you’re bound to be needing tons of ideas for teaching CVC words. Have I got the list of over 25 CVC Words Activities for you! These hands-on activities, worksheets, and games will provide learning opportunities all year round!

35 Free CVC Words Activities and Printables - help kindergarten, first grade, and 2nd grade students achieve reading readiness and fluency with these free printable, creative, literacy printables. Just print cvc worksheets, cvc word games, or cvc activities and you are ready to make learning fun with kindergartners, grade 1 and grade 2. #cvcwords #cvcprintables #education

CVC Words Activities

All of the CVC Words Activities listed below will give your young child endless hours of practice throughout the year with their skills in reading, spelling, and writing CVC words. Try them out today!
CVC Worksheets

CVC Worksheets

  1. One of the first things young readers learn is the beginning sounds of words. Here’s a printable for you that will help get them started!
  2. These free CVC words clip cards help young readers identify middle sounds.
  3. Never run out of word ideas with this free printable CVC word list.
  4. Don’t forget to teach the ending sounds of those CVC words! Here are some more clip cards to help you.
  5. Short E words are fun for little hands when working with this printable booklet.
  6. Kids will learn to recognize the short I sound with this CVC words cut and paste activity.
  7. Here is another booklet for learning CVC words, specifically short O words.
  8. If it’s a “pumpkin-y” time of the year, then pull out this printable word sliders set to practice CVC word families.
  9. Write the missing vowel in CVC words with this printable pack.
  10. Find even more words to practice which are included in these free phonics word lists.
  11. Farm animals are a fun topic for children of all ages, and here’s a printable that includes farm CVC words.

cvc activities

CVC Activities

Make practicing cvc words fun with these cvc activities for young learners. Plus all these educational activities for parents, teachers, and homeschoolers are FREE!

  1. Build bridges with blocks and build your child’s CVC word skills at the same time!
  2. If your children love to get dirty or dream of one day becoming an archeologist, then let them dig up CVC words in this activity.
  3. Students will have fun building these silly CVC Caterpillars for practing early reading skills
  4. Throw together this simple and easy Spelling sensory activity to practice CVC words with your child.
  5. Painting dots with q-tips is always a fun fine motor activity, and with this printable, your child can practice their CVC words as well!
  6. This Scarecrow CVC Word Mat is a fun hands on activity for working on gaining fluency with cvc words.
  7. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can’t keep working on reading readiness skills! This fun, hands-on 4th of July CVC Words Printable is perfect for summer learning with grade 1, grade 2, and kinders.
  8. Break out the playdough and print out some letter cards, and watch your child build CVC words with playdough balls.
  9. Practice the beginning sounds of CVC words with stamps – this would also work with middle sounds or ending sounds as well.
  10. Use magnetic or other tactile letters along with these CVC Sound Boxes for your hands-on learners to manipulate the letters of the words.
  11. In the spring, try out this planting CVC flowers activity.
  12. Sneak in some practice during December with this super cute CVC Words on Santa’s Sleigh
  13. Do you want to build as snowman? Why not build an educational CVC Word Snowman!
CVC Word Games

CVC Word Games

Kids will have fun practicing cvc words with these fun, hands-on and FREE CVC Word Games for prek, kindergarten, and 1st grade students.

  1. Here’s a board game that helps your child learn short vowels. Just travel around the board and watch the reading skills grow without your child even realizing it.
  2. Lay out these printable CVC words puzzles and let your child practice their spelling skills.
  3. Building CVC words on an apple tree board is a fun way to practice, especially during the fall when apples are fresh and in season.
  4. Kids will go nuts over this Planting Carrot CVC Word Game that is free to print.
  5. Take the learning outside – and let the kids get some exercise in too – with this interactive sidewalk chalk word families ladder.
  6. If it’s close to the holidays, use this gingerbread CVC game to entertain and teach at the same time.
  7. Easy to set up and play, this Never-ending CVC word game will keep the kids practicing their spelling skills for a long time.
  8. Get ready for back to school with this clever Crayon CVC Game
cvc worksheets

I hope you’ve enjoyed working through these 25 CVC words activities, printables, and games. What is your favorite way to practice these important beginning reading skills? Please share!


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