April 2, 2019

DIY Block City / Car Road from Pizza Box


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In preparation for our 2-3 week road trips this year I wanted to make several ‘new’ things for the kids to play with that were portable and wouldn’t make a mess in the car. When I saw The Nature of Grace’s Velcro story Block I knew I wanted to make something like it!
May 2012 078
I started with a pizza box. We used papa johns because if you get their plain breadsticks (which we love!) they leave no grease/residue in the box.
May 2012 057
Goofy helped me design his block town and we put sticky Velcro dots on the block to keep them steady in the car. Then we made a around the city & pond.
May 2012 076
When Goofy is ready to move on to another activity he just pulls the block apart & pays them flat in the box & closes the lid with his blocks & cars right in there. Pretty nifty, huh?
May 2012 072
Goofy LOVES our creation and is already testing it out before our trip!

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