A Day in the Life of a Mama and her JUICE loving boy


3 kids on the bus and toddler and I start picking up the remains of their hurried exit.
He finds the box of Capri-Suns and demands juice.

He doesn’t have a huge vocabulary but is excellent in demands (juice, milk, DONE!)
and declarations (where’d it go?, There it is!),
he has no problem getting his point across.
I tell him juices are for sissy’s lunches and picnics, set him down and go fetch baby who has realized not only is there NOT a boob in his face, but that he is also in bed (love that little snuggle bug).
I plop down on the couch to nurse.
Toddler presents me with a juice pouch and again demands
I decline.
He tears the straw off and proceeds to unwrap it.
The look on his face is clear. He finds me not quite bright and proceeds to demonstrate where I need to put the straw.
“I know where it goes”, I tell him,
“but you didn’t eat your breakfast” (oatmeal & applesauce)
“so I am not going to give you a juice.”
He disappears
I hear noise in the dining room but choose to enjoy a few quiet moments with my baby.
Toddler returns with a bowl of applesauce.
Smart kid, I am screwed!
4 bites later he realizes he doesn’t like this deal and
starts wandering around the room trying to get out of it.
I call him back and get 2 more spoons in his mouth before
he realizes that the living room is entirely too clean for his liking.
if the Kirby* salesman happened to stop by (for the upteenth time) he would actually be able to demonstrate his product….
He runs over to his box of 57 matchbox vehicles and dumps them all over the floor.
While sputtering around the room flying the helicopter and airplane he notices the piano needs to be opened, sissy will need to practice…
…in 6 hours…
Baby falls back to sleep, I go to put him in his bed, for safe keeping
I return and start cleaning again.
Toddler returns to the kitchen and realizes he is hungry.
He climbs on the counter and grabs a bowl from the cupboard.
I get him down and replace said bowl.
You already have a bowl of applesauce.
We return to the bowl, I pull him on my lap,
he declares,
I argue for 1 bite.
He obliges then wiggles down to play.
I stand up, grab the bowl of applesauce and drink straw. I place both on the counter and attempt to clean again.
He has followed me, notices the drink straw…

*I happen to love my Kirby, I had the salesman (girl in my case) down to $800 before telling her no. I found one on Craigslist for $125, works GREAT!
By: Mileage of a Mean Mama 

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