April 2, 2019

Fall Sensory Bin


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Kids are going to love getting their hands into this colorful fushion bead based sensory bin!
Fall Sensory Bin with fushion beads #sensoryplay #kidsactivities #preschool

Fall Sensory Bin for Kids

Our fall sensory bin was a BIG hit! I loaded it up with autumn color fusion beads. They made a great “main” part of the bin and added lots of color & interest.  In the box were leaves, cork flowers (texture), old nutmeg spice container that still smelled, acorns (which Minnie LOVED counting and moving around)

acorns make a great sound on this measuring cupcounting

Pumpkins that the kids enjoyed picking up with large tongs

using tongs for fine motor

Cinnamon sticks to smell & red ribbon to practice tying with

smelling cinnamon

Feathers to sort, touch & TICKLE!

a tickling feather!

Foam fall shaped beads to sort, organize, touch, and feel.

sorting by color

Goofy enjoyed stringing the fusion beads on a shoe lace to make a necklace. They were so small it ended up being a great fine motor activity for him!

making a fusion bead necklace
We’ve had countless hours of fun with our box. Just today the kids started asking, “What kind of bin is next?”
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