March 13, 2023
FREE Printable ABC Alphabet Games for 3 and 4-year-Olds

FREE Printable ABC Alphabet Games for 3 and 4-year-Olds


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Learning the alphabet is one of the most important academic skills for 4 years olds to learn as it is the foundation for reading. There are many fun and engaging abcgames and activities to teach your children the alphabet. Whether you are looking for a abc games for 4 year olds or abc games for 3 year olds, they’ll have so much fun playing these alphabet games for 4 year olds; they won’t even realize they are learning new skills!

Learning the alphabet is one of the most important academic skills for 4 years olds to learn as it is the foundation for reading. There are many fun and engaging abcgames and activities to teach your children the alphabet. Whether you are looking for a abc games for 4 year olds or abc games for 3 year olds, they’ll have so much fun playing these alphabet games for 4 year olds; they won’t even realize they are learning new skills!

ABC games for 3 year olds

There are so many fun, hands-on, and creative abc games for 3 year olds. Whether you like hands-on abc activities, abc printable games that are ready for your, or seasonal abc games for toddlers and preschoolers – these abcgames will assist you in teaching your child the joy of letters and letter sounds. Watch as your child’s confidence in letter names and sounds builds while playing these fun and engaging abc games for 4 year olds. Whether you are a parent, teacher, daycare provider, or homeschooler – these alphabet games for 4 year olds are perfect for making learning fun for young children.


ABC Games for 4 year olds

Puzzles and matching games are fantastic ways to teach letter identification skills. Kids will have fun identifying letters, matching upper and lower case letters, and pairing letter sounds with associated pictures with these abc games, alphabet puzzles, letter games for 4 year olds, and matching games.

  1. Kids will love matching upper and lower case letters with this alphabet puzzle printable.
  2. This pumpkin pie alphabet matching puzzle is easy to print and prepare for kids to play.
  3. This printable summer alphabet puzzle gives kids a chance to create a complete picture by matching upper and lower case letters.
  4. These Popsicle Phonics Alphabet puzzles are perfect for practicing upper and lower case letters with beginning letter sounds.
  5. Check out these free alphabet puzzle printables for a fun way for letter matching practice.
  6. This free printable hamburger puzzle is a yummy way to practice letter matching.
  7. This Easter egg alphabet matching game is a great game kids can play around Easter or throughout the whole year with leftover Easter eggs.
  8. Use this Birds on a Branch ABC game is great practice for matching lower case and uppercase letters.
  9. This summer themed ABC game lets kids match shovels and pails with lower and upper case letters.
  10. Kids will have fun matching letters with this Hop to It letter matching game.
  11. This fall leaf matching game is great for practicing letter identification in autumn.
  12. Kids will love dressing up in these printable letter hats to learn letters with matching vocabulary.
  13. This printable gumball letter matching game is an easy game to prepare for students to practice matching upper and lower case letters.
  14. Kids will love making PB&J sandwiches by matching letter names and sounds with this Alphabet Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Activity.
  15. This dinosaur matching game will keep your kids entertained while learning their ABC’s.

ABC Kids Games


Many young children learn best by touching and manipulating objects while learning. Use these hands-on alphabet games and activities to keep kids engaged while learning valuable letter skills. These free abc games are even great as abc games for 3 year olds.

  1. This Race and Trace printable alphabet game is a gun way for kids to practice tracing their ABC’s.
  2. This cloud alphabet letter bin activity is a hands-on activity for kids to discover and identify letters.
  3. This set of alphabet mazes is a great way for kids to search for letters to encourage letter identification skills.
  4. This alphabet painting project is a great activity for not only practicing letter writing skills, but also fine motor and art skills.
  5. Kids can color letter of the week bracelets to learn letters and vocabulary.
  6. This Alphabet Go Fish game is tons of fun for kids to practice upper and lower case letter identification.
  7. These printable Star Wars Pennants are fantastic for kids who love Star Wars.
  8. All you will need are these ABC animal printables and a set of magnetic letters for endless fun practicing letter names and sounds.
  9. Set up a alphabet scavenger hunt by filling plastic Easter eggs with letter themed items to find.
  10. Practice fine motor skills and letter formations with this alphabet playdough printable.

abc games for 3 year olds

Letter games for 4 year olds

Sometimes you just need an abc games that is already assembled and ready to play. This list of alphabet games available on Amazon will be both fun and educational for your children as they learn their alphabet and other phonemic awareness skills.

  1. This ABC Cookies game is a fun way to practice letter names and sounds.
  2. Check out this cute ABC Go Fish set of cards that will keep kids practicing their ABC’s.
  3. This magnetic alphabet fishing game is a hands on, fun way for kids to practice identifying letters.
  4. This Alphabet Soup Sorter game is a great way to teach letter names, sounds and vocabulary.
  5. These Wikki Stix alphabet cards offer a creative way for kids to trace letters.
  6. This Smart Snacks Alpha Pops game is great for even the youngest letter learners to enjoy.
  7. This 52 piece alphabet dinosaur set has endless opportunities for teaching letter names and other valuable language skills.
  8. These alphabet spinning cubes will keep busy hands engaged while learning letter names and sounds.

Learning the ABC’s is one of the first academic skills children learn. This list of ABC Games for 4 year olds will foster a love for learning in your young learner. The hands-on activities and engaging games will give you endless opportunities for you and your child to have fun while learning the ABC’s.

A to Z Letter Find Worksheets FREE Alphabet Playdough Mats - these free printable alphabet printables are SO CLEVER! Use playdough to form alphabet letters and then complete the picture with playdough or by coloring for a fun activity to not only learn the alphabet, but to strengthen fine motor skills to for toddler, preschool, prek, kindergarten, and first grade. Looking for a fun abc printable to help kids learn their alphabet letters, learn vocabulary, and work on phonemic awareness. These hugely popular alphabet hats are a great way to introduce students to the letters in the alphabet from A to Z. There is a different hat to make for each letter - perfect to go with a letter of the week program for toddlers, preschoolers, pre k, and kindergartners. Kids need lots of practice tracing letters to improve handwriting! These super cute,  free printable alphabet worksheets are a handy tool for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, or first grade students. With these alphabet worksheets children will get the practice writing alphabet letters they need to write letters A to Z. Simply print pdf file with free alphabet worksheets and you are ready to practice upper and lowercase tracing letters.

Letter games for 4 year olds

Looking for more abc printables for kids? You have tons of free alphabet printables

alphabet coloring pages free-printable-alphabet-worksheets-1 Printable alphabet crafts Have fun learning you’re ABCs with this super fun, free printable pirate worksheets. This pirate alphabet learning activity is a great for your toddler, preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten age  students to learn their alphabet letters. On each of the pirate theme abc worksheets is a treasure map to find and color the clipart with the beginning sound featured on the alphabet workheet, alphabet tracing by the pirtae skull and crossbone flag, and find the letter by the treasure chest. This alphabet activity is such a fun, no prep way to learn letters from A to Z. Simply print the pdf file for this preschool pirate theme printables that requires no prep work whatsoever. 

ABC Games

zoo animal crafts Teaching kids about famous artist Monet with this fun Monet art projects. This  easy-to-make tissue paper craft makes a beautiful Monet Art Project for Kids that will brighten up any room while helping to explore a famous artists for kids while having fun creating beautiful art, slowing down to appreciate the pretty things around us, and learning to express themselves too. This art projects for kids is perfect for toddler, preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade students. handprint alphabet Printable alphabet crafts

Crafts Ideas for Kids

Looking for more craft projects for kids? Check out these fun ideas!

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