Crafts for Kids Dr. Seuss Hand Art

Dr Seuss Craft of Thing 1 2 3

This super cute Dr Seuss Craft of Thing 1,2,and 3 is such a great way to celebrate Dr Seuss Day in March with a super cute and fun-to-make hand art project.

Dr Seuss Craft of Thing 1,2,and 3

Dr Seuss Craft of Thing 1 2 3

I was so tickled at how our Dr. Seuss Thing 1,2, and 3 Hand Art turned out I just had to share it with you!! We did ours on canvas to create a permanent childhood keepsake.

paint childs hand and fingers red except for their middle finger

Paint child’s hand and all fingers EXCEPT their middle finger. Carefully guide them to spread their fingers and make a print on the canvas. We went in age order & I thought that turned out pretty cute.

Thoroughly clean off paint & dry. Paint palm white and fingers blue. Carefully guide them to make a print above their other hand print (flipped the other direction)

Clean off hand & repeat the first two steps with the next child. (Hint: If you put their thumbs so they are just touching the other child’s it will look like the Things are holding hands!)

hand art project for kids

Repeat for all the children. Allow it to dry a couple of hours. Use acyclic paint to draw a white circle on the red palms. While that dries paint (or use permanent marker) to make faces on the white palms. When white circle is dry write “Thing 1” “Thing 2” etc..

dr seuss art
TADA! Here is the finished artwork. The kids & I LOVED how it turned out. Everyone wants to hang it in their room =-)
Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3 Craft for Kids - this such a super cute hand art project for kids to celebrate Dr. Seuss birthday or any time. SO CUTE!

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