March 2, 2023
Beginning Sounds Stamping Activity

Beginning Sounds Stamping Activity


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My almost 6 year old is very interested in sounds lately, so we have been playing lots of oral beginning sound games like I spy. I made this simple beginning sound stamping activity one day to keep her occupied for a bit and she loved it, so I wanted to share that with you.

Beginning sounds stamping activity - this is such a fun way for kids to practice identifying beginning letters, sounds, writing words to make learning fun in this NO PREP educational activity for preschool, prek, kindergarten, first grade.

This is one of those quick setup activities you don’t need to prep beforehand, making it the perfect activity to fill a few minutes in your day. Or set it up for your child to do while you are busy with dinner, for example.

What you need:

  • Paper
  • Stamps and ink pad
  • Marker


Beginning Sounds Stamping Activity

Beginning sounds educational activity for kids

Randomly write the beginning sound letters of the stamp pictures all over the page.

Obviously you won’t cover all of the alphabet sounds if you don’t have stamps for all the sounds, but to just revise some of it is also fun. 

If you are learning about a certain sound, choose only those picture stamps.

beginning sounds stamping kids activities

Give the instructions to find the stamp that will fit best with each letter, listening to the beginning sound. You can say the words aloud, stressing the beginning sound.

beginning sounds, stamps, and writing words activity for kids

My daughter wanted to write the words too, so I dictated and she wrote.

Side note: we speak Afrikaans, so you will notice her spelling the word ‘sun’ as ‘son’ since that is what we call son in Afrikaans.

educational game stamping activity for preschool, prek, kindergarten, first grade

For younger kids: let them stamp the picture first and then you write the initial sound next to the picture for incidental learning.

For older kids: use the picture stamps and make up sentences and even a story, working on creative writing skills.

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