DIY Kid Wash

One of our favorite things we’ve done off of our Summer Bucket List is to make this Kids Car Wash!! I had pulled an article from Family Fun several years ago, but never gotten around to it.  Then a couple weeks back I saw Familyicious make one and link it up at our TGIF Linky Party. I knew we HAD to make it THIS SUMMER!!
Isn’t that cool?!?! It took less than 2 hours and cost us about $35 to make it. Here is how we made it!June 2012 205
Supply List:

  • 8x 10 feet 3/4” PVC pipe
  • 12 T’s
  • 2 crosses
  • 7 elbows
  • 4 caps
  • 1 T with with 2 1” and middle 3/4”
  • 1 straight fitting
  • 1 female hose adapter (threaded)
  • pool noodle
  • craft foam, Velcro, and permanent marker (for signs)
  • 3 large sponges, 40 feet nylon lawn chair webbing, paper fasteners, and rope (car wash accessories)

June 2012 209
You will need to cut the PVC pipe to the following sizes (I wrote size on each piece so we could take it apart at the end of the season and build it again!)June 2012 212

  • 22x 30” long
  • 1x 5 feet long
  • 4x 3 feet long
  • 2x 1 feet long
  • 3x 6” long

June 2012 216
Drill holes for the water to come out! You can do this however you like. We drilled 15 holes (all in a row) each in two of the 3 foot pieces, 3 holes on two of the 30” pieces, and 3 holes in two of the caps.
June 2012 218
Now it is time to assemble your wash.  We put it together just like Family Fun suggested. Click here for online assembly instructions.
June 2012 292
Then it’s time to PLAY!!
June 2012 258
And then they wanted to get soaped up to go through!
June 2012 263
Even Tinker Bell went through…. but she preferred it as a CAR WASH!
June 2012 290
Want to see the Kid Wash in action? Check out the video I posted on Living Life Intentionally’s Facebook page here and if you haven’t already, don’t forget to “Like” us.
What’s been your favorite thing from your Summer Bucket Lists?

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