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Easy LEGO DIY Zipline

As you start making your summer bucket list, you’ll want to add this really fun DIY Zipline that is made out of Lego bricks! This activity is a fun STEM activity that allows kids to explore science in a fun, hands on way.
How to Make an EASY Lego Zipline! This DIY Zipline is fun and easy to make, plus educational too! This is a great STEM summer activity for kids of all ages #summeractivities #summerbucketlist #lego

UPDATED: Originally published May 26, 2015

Lego Zipline

When I first saw a LEGO zip line, made out of LEGO bricks  I thought ‘oh that looks cute’. The more I looked at it, the more I realized just how much STEM went into the creation and execution of that zipline. This is definitely one of those learning through play experiences that my daughter goes crazy over! And so do I!

My daughter loves to learn. She is interested in so many things and gets anxious to know more and more. Quite honestly, there are many times that I have to turn to the good old Google to find out an answer, but I am not ashamed of that. I love that my little girl is so curious about the world. I knew that my eager learner would want to know the mechanics of how this zipline works. It’s not just a LEGO guy moving down a line, it’s way more than that!

With summer break just around the corner. It’s time to start planning some amazing summer activities for kids. This DIY Zipline is a mus for your summer bucket list!

All you need are lego bricks and chord to make your own backyard zip line

How to Build a Zipline

The first step in showing you how to build a backyard Zip line is to gather the supplies. This activity only needs a few basic supplies you probably already have laying around your house!

  • LEGO or Duplo bricks
  • LEGO people
  • Cord or thick string

Build a Zip Line this summer as a fun, educational STEM activity for kids of all ages

Next, before making the LEGO zipline ‘cage’, I showed my daughter a few videos of people zip lining. I showed her a few different ways that they can go and people can be strapped to the lines.  Then I gave her the big bin of LEGOs that we have and told her to create her best zip lining ‘cage’.

She did a great job. It amazes me that kids can be so creative when given the right tools!

This easy to make Lego DIY Zipline is a must for your summer bucket list!

DIY Zipline

Tie the thick string to one stationary place. This could be a doorknob or a fence post, like we did.
Add the ziplining cage to the string and attach to a second stationary place. Depending on the layout of your home or outdoor set up, this could take a long piece of string. We thought about the swing set, but our rope wasn’t long enough.

Kids of all ages will be impressed by this DIY Zipline you can make today

Build a Zip Line

Start the zipline on one side and let it slide.

It was more difficult for the lego zip line to move across when the cord was even. This is mostly because the string was straight across. We untied one end and held it up higher and boy did that help!

Here are step-by-step directions in how to build a zipline for hours or play this summer

Backyard Zip line

Since this is just string tied to various points in the house or outdoors, you can experiment with various things. The handle on the fridge or dishwasher, the bulletin board, table and chair, side of the house, etc. Experiment and see which track works best for you!

It would be fun to make multiple zip line cages and race them!

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