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DIY I Spy Bottles

Kids will love playing with these homemade DIY I Spy Bottles. These make great busy bags or fun for road trips for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary age children.

DIY I Spy Bottles - these super clever, easy to make, I Spy Games is a great busy bag idea or road trip games for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade kids as a summer activity for kids or kids activities for all year long. #busybag #ispy #preschool

Busy Bag Idea

Back 6 years ago, when my first born was little, I was invited to a Busy Bag Party. In case you haven’t heard of that the host invites a certain number of people. There were 9 in our exchange (a WONDERFUL number to be able to buy/make in bulk without being too daunting!) Each person lets the host know what buys bag item (DIY reusable games/activities for preschool kids) they are making so there are no duplicates. Then each of you makes 9 projects.


At the Busy Bag Party you swap so when you go homes you will have 9 different busy bag activities for your kids to play with – cool, right! I am so grateful to my host for the fun idea & my kids are LOVING all their new activities.

DIY I Spy Bottles

These DIY I Spy Bottles are fun to make and such a creative sensory activity for kids.

To make these fun, easy to make DIY I Spy Bottles, you will need colored rice. Here is how to dye rice.

Put dyed rice in recycled plastic bottle using a funnel.
Buy items form dollar store, Joann, scrapbook store, and any other place you can find small items like these.

Busy Bag


Put one of each item like a pom pom, number die, small animal, etc. in the partially filled recycled plastic bottle, top with additional dyed rice, leave a little head room, and close lid.


Don’t the bottles look pretty all lined up?


Now attach cards with pictures of every item you’ve included for your child to find.

I Spy Game


Now you have a fun, easy-to-make I Spy Game for toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and first grade kids.

HINT: You could also make 4 different I Spy Bottles – one for each season using different mediums than rice. You might also try colored fusion beads, sand, salt, fake snow, colored water, hair gel, rocks, darker grain, spices, etc.

The possibilities are endless as are the hours of fun your kiddos will have with them!


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