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Free My Spelling Dictionary

Help kids be better at spelling by helping them have commonly misspelled words right at their fingertips with this free printable My Spelling Dictionary. This resource is great for public school, private school or homeschool kids form 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade students.
My Spelling Dictionary - free printable half page book to help kids right down spelling words they miss and reference commonly misspelled words without having to lug out the dictionary every time. Perfect for 1st-6th grade. #spelling #spellinghelp

So just in case you think all homeschooled kids are perfect …. get ready for your image to be shattered. My 2nd grader is a terrible speller. Honestly, I thought it must have been genetic because his Mom (yours truly) is also a terrible speller. Spell check helps, but it is what it is. Ask me to to some Calculus though and I’ve go you covered =)


So I changed my approach in teaching my son yet again. We changed to a more hands on spelling program,  added a lot of hands on spelling practice (more on that later), and  we started using this free printable My Spelling Dictionary.


Results?  It’s a year later and my son is rocking spelling! He is consistently getting most of his spelling words right and that is finally translating into his writing!  This will be the first year he wont bomb the spelling section of testing and to say this mom is happy would be a colossal understatement!

Free Printable Spelling Dictionary for Students

free printable spelling dictionary

Why a Spelling Dictionary?

Not so long ago I wondered why in the world I would need a printable spelling dictionary when I had a very nice, complete printed dictionary I bought on Amazon. If you too are wondering why, let me explain.

Kids misspell a lot of word in elementary school. It’s normal! But they key to learning to spell words correctly is lots of practice spelling words correctly. But when you have children consistently looking up every word they misspell in the dictionary, kids can get frustrated and begin to hate spelling.

A Spelling Dictionary is a mini book that lists only the words your student has trouble spelling. 

Instead of hunting through thousands of words repeatedly, they can write words in their spelling dictionary that are hard for them. Then when they need help spelling they just check their handy, dandy word list and can start writing the words correctly.

Consistent practice spelling words correctly is what is going to help your child be a “good” speller.

Spelling Dictionary for Kids will help kids become better spellers with this spelling tool for first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade students #spelling #freeprintable #dictionary

Spelling Dictionary for Kids

This free printable spelling dictionary is perfect for students from 1st-6th grade.

  • Print 1st page on cardstock (it makes the cover durable)
  • Print remaining pages front and back.
  • Fold all pages in half (and staple together)

Your 1/2 page size spelling dictionary is organized alphabetically. Each page is dedicated to one letter. On that particular letter’s page there are a list of common words as well as 14 additional spaces to write words your child struggles with.


Fun Ways to Practice Spelling Words

Come take a peak at some of the spelling games we use to make practicing spelling words FUN!


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