Drake, Hudson and Cartier for Kids

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This is the final week in our 5 week history for kids  Early Explorers Homeschool History Unit. Join us as we explore famous explorers like Columbus, Magellan, Henry Hudson and more with our hands on history projects and free early explorers lapbook and worksheets.
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Drake, Hudson and Cartier for Kids

Dont’ miss the rest of our fun, hands on  early explorers for kids unit!

Henry Hudson Hands on history project

  • Sir Francis Drake – a sanctioned English pirate who was the 2nd to circumnavigate the world.
  • Henry Hudson – an English dreamer sent by the Dutch to find a Northeast or Northwest Passageway to Asia; instead he discovered and was left to die in the Hudson bay
  • Jacques Cartier – A Frenchman who explored the St. Lawrence river

As we were talking about Henry Hudson whose expedition got stuck in ice as winter approached in the Hudson bay we made snowflakes. Goofy had a BLAST!!!

FREE Early Explorers Lapbook for Homeschool

imageWe finished up our Explorers lapbook (you can download all 5 parts below FREE). It has been great to help us visualize the timeline, review, and remember our learning. I think adding the pictures of the activities we did while learning about each Explorer has really helped Goofy retain the information and has created a fun keepsake of our study. Here is our finished lapbook:Free Early Explorers Lapbook for homeschool history

FREE Early Explorers REVIEW game & Worksheets 

As this was the last week talking about Explorers we did some fun review mapping, cut & paste, worksheets, and creative writing.  (You can download the {FREE} remaining elements from the Explorers lapbook & the Review Activities by clicking on the large image below)

FREE Early Explorers Worksheets for KidsFREE Early Explorers Worksheets for Kids

Early Explorers Resources for Homeschoolers

 The Picture History of Great Explorers is the BEST resource for the complete Explorers Unit! You can do the complete study with this book alone; although I love supplementing with other books from the library to round things out.)


I think this Comix with Content series is fantastic! It is fun, educational, and introduces the information in a unique way. This particular book has 4 chapters: Christopher Columbus, John Cabot, French in Canada (this weeks study), and the Spanish in Florida.

I LOVE this book!! Sir Francis Drake His Daring Deeds is a beautiful written and illustrated book written as a rhyming story. The illustrations are stunning and my son Goofy loved the impressive fleet of Caravel ships. The other thing that I love about this book is that it uses some great words – new vocabulary: chap, flabbergasted, forged, bedraggled, etc.  I think this book is great for kids 3+.

 River of Dreams tells the story of the Hudson River. It does not limit it’s account to just the exploration of it by Henry Hudson, it tells it’s past, history, and present. I thought it was pretty cool to see the entire history of it instead of a small chunk. Great read-aloud for 1st grade-6th grade.

Download FREE Early Explorers Lapbook & Worksheets: Drake, Hudson, Cartier


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>> Download Early Explorers Lapbook & Worksheets <<

Complete Early Explorers Homeschool History Unit

Did you miss any of our Explorers Series? Here are links to the entire series along with the {FREE} Printables including lapbook elements, review, and various worksheets each.

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