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Magellan & The Spanish Conquistadors for Kids

We continued our history for kids by learning about early explorers for kids through good books and hands of learning FUN! We added Magellan, Conquistador, and Aztec sections to our lapbook/timeline.

Magellan & The Spanish Conquistadors for Kids

Early Explorer MAGELLAN for Kids

Mapping Magellan’s Route on a Globe

We put blue painters tape around a globe to show the historic 1st trip around the world
Homeschool History Early Explorer MAGELLAN for Kids

Math & History Connection

How many men died? I know it sounds morbid – but I wanted Goofy to grasp how dangerous this trip was. Out of the 250 men and 5 ships that set out from Spain only 1 ship and 18 of Magellan’s original crew made it back. YIKES! (This worksheet is also in the FREE Lapbook download)Homeschool History Early Explorer MAGELLAN for Kids

Early Explorer Magellan Books for Kids

Here are our two favorite resources for learning about Magellan. The first is a great resource on ALL explorers with a short 1 page of information, dates, and clipart about each explorer from the Vikings to Armstrong and more. We bought our own copy and are so glad we did. The second goes much more in depth about Magellan and his treacherous journey. It is easy to read, has lots of illustrations, and interesting information. For sure check it out of your local library.


Aztecs & Spanish Conquistadors for Homeschool Kids


  • What is a Conquistador? What were there objectives?
  • Learned about Hernan Cortes, Juan Ponce de Leon, Coronado Conquistadores Coloring Page
  • Discussed differences between Columbus & the Conquistadors (see free printable)


  • Made Montezuma’s headdress
  • Made a 3D paper Aztec pyramidDIY Aztec Temple, headdress, and instrument
  • Made Aztec Necklace
  • Made Quetecotyl maskQuetecotyl mask for kids - hands on history 
  • Made Aztec Art (see post for more details) – All Aztec towns had a marketplace where merchants, craft workers, and farmers would barter for goods. Many traders were women. One of the items the Aztec traders brought to the conquered town of Tlatelolco in 1473 was a monkey pot made of obsidian (stone produced by erupting volcanoes). So we set about making our own replica of the monkey pot with clay and black acrylic paint.

Aztec Clay art History Project for Kids

    • Read about cocoa beans from Aztecs & had hot cocoa

Did you know the Aztecs used cocoa beans as money?

Early Explorers Resources: (let me further explain a few . .. )

  • The Ancient Aztecs (treasure box) –  This was Goofy’s favorite! It has a map with stickers, kit to build an Aztec Pyramid, Aztec flute, guild your own necklace, make your own Montezuma headdress, Queztecotyl mask, Aztec game, informational book on Aztecs & every item in the kit. Goofy LOVED this resource and was especially excited about the Aztec Pyramid AND the secret drawer in this ‘treasure box’.
  • The Hands on History Aztecs is FANTASTIC! It has information, pictures, maps, and many step-by-step activities: 2 headed serpent stamp, great temple statue, pendant, Aztec hot cocoa, Patolli game, Aztec Calendar, Noble’s cloak, Clay Monkey Pot, Aztec mask, and rattle. So many great, fun ideas!
        the story of chocolate

Note: The Aztecs offered human sacrifices to their gods; the You Wouldn’t want to be an Aztec sacrifice is a ‘cartoon’ but does explain how they had blood running down the  Aztec Pyramid, would cut out their hearts (and eat them). Just wanted to give you a heads up.

FREE Exploreres Lapbook (3) - Magellan, Conquistadors & Aztecs

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