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Valley Forge for Kids

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Join us as we discover  what it was like in Valley Forge during the American Revolutionary War with these fun hands on activities and free printables. This week is is the fourth and final week studying the American Revolutionary War in our history unit for kids .
american revolutionary war for kids - 4 week unit with free printables and activities for kids of all ages

This week is is the fourth and final week studying the American Revolutionary War in our Homeschool history for kids . So join us as we relive history in our revolutionary war for kids unit


We did some fun hands on history projects like cold feet, dragon pistols, rolling cartridges, field trip to valley forge, leaned about Benedict Arnold, and finished our free American Revolution Lapbook. This has been such a fun history unit to explore together as a homeschooling family.


Valley Forge for Kids

We watched episode 23 (The Hessians are Coming) to the end of the series ~#39 from the outstanding Liberty Kids video series. (If you have middle school+ age children you might want to check out The Founding of America Megaset)

Revolutionary War Timeline for Homeschoolers

Valley forge Cold Feet Activity for Kids (Winter 1777-1778 )

Valley forge for kids - fun hands on activities like this Cold Feet Activity, rolling cartridges, and more! This is part of our free american revolutionary war history unit for elementary age kids. Includes free printables and more #valleyforget #historyforkids #revolutionarywar

After reading our history books and watching Liberty Kids we tried to get an idea of how cold the soldiers were in Valley Forget during the Revolutionary War. We put ice packs attached to our feet with rubberbands to get an idea of how cold the soldiers were at Valley Forget. Many soldiers didn’t have warm coats or blankets.


I wanted to make firecakes like the soldiers did, but didn’t get to it. Basically they mixed flour and water to make a dough. Then they put it on hot stones around the fire for something to eat. Not very good, but they were hungry and rations were limited!

Valley Forge Homeschool FieldtripValley Forge Homeschool Fieldtrip

We took a “fieldtrip” to Valley Forge as part of our Revolutionary War Road trip (see post here). The men were in groups with others from their same company / state. Some states were better supplied than others. Some barely had enough food, blankets, and some were even missing shoes! It was very moving to see the type of shelter they built (looked very much like Lincoln Log homes) and watch the movie to get a feel for the conditions.

Valley Forge Homeschool Fieldtrip

There were various canon’s left from their defenses that Goofy thought were VERY cool! At first I kept thinking wow these are still here from the beginning of our nation… then I kept thinking how young of a nation we are (200+) and how much things had change in 200 years! I wonder what 200 more years will bring….


Alliance with France – Feb 1778

Rolling Cartridges Homeschool History Project

Rolling Cartridges Homeschool History Project
I first found the idea of rolling cartridges in the Konos American Revolution Activity Book. I love having lots of hands on activities to help make history come alive! We rolled our own cartridges out of paper and filled them with our gun powder (sand) and a musket ball (marble). After rolling several we had an idea of how time consuming this task was for the soldiers.

The Battle of Cowpen – January 7, 1781

Dragon Pistols Hands on American History Project for Kids

Dragon Pistols is a fun, hands on history activity for kids learning about the Revolutionary War. This is great for elementary age kids, preschool, homeschool kids learning about American History. These history Project for Kids are great for fourth of july, presidents day, history, and more

We made our own Dragon Pistols (I saw the idea at Squidoo here) using a scrap piece of wood that we super glued a clothespin on. The ammunition was rubber bands. It actually works very well & continues to be a BIG hit. Another option would be to make muskets using Let’s be Early Settlers with Daniel Boon by Peggy Parish


Yorktown – British surrender October 19, 1781

Yorktown – British surrender October 19, 1781

Treaty of Paris September 3, 1783 (Benjamin Franklin, John Adams)


Famous People of the Revolutionary War for Kids

Famous People of the Revolutionary War for Kids

Benedict Arnold American History for Kids

Benedict Arnold was a general during the American Revolutionary War who originally fought for the American Continental Army but defected to the British Army. While fighting for America, he obtained command of the fort at West Point, New York, and plotted to surrender it to the British forces. After the plot was exposed in 1780 he served the British Army as a brigadier general.

Lord Charles Cornwallis

Lord Charles Cornwallis-was a British Army officer and colonial administrator. In the United States and the United Kingdom he is best remembered as one of the leading British generals in the American War of Independence. His surrender in 1781 to a combined American and French force at the Siege of Yorktown ended significant hostilities in North America.

(in various other books suggested under timeline)

John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones was a Scottish sailor and the United States’ first well-known naval fighter in the American Revolutionary War. Although he made enemies among America’s political elites, his actions in British waters during the Revolution earned him an international reputation which persists to this day. “I have not yet begun to fight.”

(A Blow for Liberty is a great historical fiction book about being on John Paul Jones’ crew)

Women in the war


NOTE: Sometimes we skim through these books. I cannot guarantee the books in their entirety as we only uses parts or look at pictures. So forgive me if there is something in these recommendations that I don’t see =-)

Famous People of the Revolutionary War for Kids

Download FREE Revolutionary War Timeline & Lapbook

We also added this weeks’ events & famous people to our lapbook. You can download the American Revolutionary Lapbook here.

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