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FREE Homeschool Schedule Planner

This free printable homeschool schedule planner is perfect for encouraging your student to become independent is by providing a daily agenda just for her! More than 30 days of inspirational quotes!

FREE Library Scavenger Hunt

Help kids learn to navigate the library, find the major areas of a library, learn about the different book genres, authors, and the Dewey decimal system with these free printable library scavenger...

25 Reasons Why I LOVE Homeschooling

Have you ever wondered why so many families choose to homeschool? Here are some of the many reasons 2 million families in America love homeschooling!

Should I Homeschool my Kids?

Are you frustrated with your public school, can’t afford a private school, or just heard a lot of people take about homeschool and are wondering should I homeschool my kids? Let’s dive...

Our Curriculum Picks (1st, 4th, 6th grade)

Since I love seeing what curriculum everyone else is using, I thought I’d give you a peak of our homeschool curriculum picks and plan for 2017-2018 school year.

5 Ways to Use the Beach as Your Classroom

Make learning fun this summer or even during the school year if you are lucky enough to live by the beach with these fun, clever ideas for using your beach as a classroom.

5 Ways to Make a Curriculum Fit Your Family

Are you searching for the perfect curriculum for your family and having no luck finding it? The problem is the perfect curriculum doesn’t exist. So use these 5 tips to make a curriculum fit...

3 Simple Tips for Finding the Perfect Curriculum

Have you noticed the huge number of different curricula available? The Rainbow Resource catalog of homeschool resources is huge! It begs the question, just how do you find the perfect curriculum for...

How to Start Homeschooling

The Chinese have a saying, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” The saying applies to homeschooling. The best time to start homeschooling is from...

How to Homeschool with Toddlers

Toddlers dash into the bathroom, unroll the toilet paper, and paint the walls with toothpaste the moment you leave them unsupervised… even if it’s just for a moment. How are you to...

How to Homeschool During the Holidays

Trying to keep up the normal homeschool routine during the holidays is a sure-fire way to burn yourself out. There’s so much to do and the kids are bouncing off the walls. Instead shift your...

Make Homeschooling Easier by Combining Children

Nothing is worse than trying to juggle a multitude of curricula and children. You’re constantly changing gears from studying cells with your oldest child to studying gravity with your youngest...

20+ Homeschool Organization Ideas & Hacks

If you are a homeschool family, teacher or mom, you know how important being organized is, right? Here are some fabulous organization ideas and hacks that will hopefully inspire you to get organized!