November 12, 2022
Must Have Homeschool Supplies

Must Have Homeschool Supplies


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Whether you are new to homeschooling or a seasoned pro here is a great list of  homeschool supplies you’ll want to snag before back to school starts for homeschooling, plus some great tips!

Whether you are new to homeschooling or a seasoned pro here is a great list of  homeschool supplies you’ll want to snag before back to school starts for homeschooling, plus some great tips!

Homeschool Supplies

Are you wondering what supplies do you need for homeschooling? Although some supplies vary based on what curriculum you are using, and some are similar to that of public school children, there are some supplies you may forget to pick up that you will want to have on hand for going back to school as a homeschooler. So, don’t miss shopping for these homeschool supplies!

When to Buy Back to Homeschool Supplies

  • Buy curriculum early (late sprint/early summer) or at conventions for the best deals (free shipping and convention pricing)
  • Buy supplies like crayons, notebooks, etc. in early September when stores clearance out  the back to school supplies and you’ll save 5o-90%
  • Buy learning games and manipulatives as you need them or they go on sale. We buy most of ours on Amazon where we’ve found the best prices

Homeschool School Supplies

I highly suggest getting your crayons, pencils, and glue at the back to school clearance sales [Items noted below in blue]. Everything else is usually cheaper (and more convenient) to buy online from Amazon. I’ve provided links so you can just fill your cart and be good to go!

  1. Bible
  2. Globe (we like this hands on one we can toss and play with too) plus our US Wall Map and World Wall Map
  3. Planner (we use this free one)
  4. 3 Hole Punch
  5. Laminator
  6. Page Protectors (to make worksheets reusable and to keep printable games together)
  7. Dry Erase Markers
  8. personal size dry erase boards (we use these for solving math equations, spelling tests, and lots of other things!)
  9. electric pencil sharpener (trust me you’ll be glad you aren’t using a small hand one!)
  10. Kids Dictionary and Thesaurus (must for 1st grade on up)
  11. Stapler
  12. Scissors
  13. Ruler
  14. Tape Dispenser
  15. Paper Clips
  16. Sticky Notes (to keep our place in text books, jot quick notes, etc.)
  17. Pencils (lots!)
  18. Good Eraser (the ones on the back of pencils just don’t cut it)
  19. crayons, markers, colored pencils
  20. bingo markers
  21. Flashcards (Target dollar section or free printable Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division)
  22. Glue (we use both the purple stick and white liquid glue)
  23. Nature Journals (we use sketchbooks)
  24. Workboxes
  25. Bookshelves (we love the expedite from IKEA)
  26. Home Learning Year by Year by Rebecca Rupp (great resources plus a must if you design your own curriculum)
  27. lined paper for writing (or print free ones here)
  28. Homeschool to Do Punchcards for Kids (free!)
  29. Reading Book Lists (by grade and book level)
  30. printer (to print my 500+ free printables worksheets and games!)


Favorite Homeschool EXTRAS

I love having some fun, educational games and hands on learning manipulatives to supplement their education and make school FUN! Here are a few of our favorite homeschool stuff


Homeschooling Resources

  FREE Back to School BINGO  FREE Printable First Day of Preschool Hats back to school coloring pages

First Day of School Printables

Get ready for the first day of school with your 1st day signs, a fun game, 1st day of school craft, and these cute coloring pages!

Celebrate Back to School with a fun math activity! These Crack the Code Worksheets make practicing addition and subtraction fun for kindergarten and first grade students. Crayon CVC WOrds Activity back to school pencil punctuation activities back to school rhyming activities

Back to School Printables

We have lots of other fun, clever back to school worksheets to help kids get excited about going back to school! Check out these free resources:

Back to School phonics game back to school worksheet back to school glue number bonds worksheets

Back to School Activities

crayon box craft back to school, pencil number matching activity first day of school activities FREE Back to School Worksheets

FREE Lego All About Me Printable perfect for first day of school or back to school for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade kids! #backtoschool #allaboutme #preschool all about me worksheets all about me poster

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