Homeschooling Ideas – Things we are Changing in our Homeschool

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It’s hard to believe we have been homeschooling for 6 years! In those years we’ve learned some things about the process, how we learn best, how I teach the best, and that somethings just need to change from year to year as we streamline the process. Here are 5 things we are changing in our homeschool this year that you may want to change too!

5 things we are changing in our homeschool this year - great suggestions! We are going to have to try some of these homeschooling ideas to get organized

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Homeschooling Ideas

#1 – We gave our school room another face lift.

homeschool room

I find that it helps us to get off to a great start when we tidy, streamline, organize, and add some changes to improve on our space. (our first homeschool room and updated homeschool room)

  • we added a comfy bean bag char for reading
  • kids computer desk (for typing, spanish, typing reports, etc.)
  • Kallax cubes on side with door insert and custom cushion on the top for added storage and seating
  • we also added door inserts to the top of our expedite unit to keep our homeschool subjects organized. We have math in one, language arts in the next, kindergarten in the 3rd, science next, and social studies at the end

#2 – More Variety in Reading

reading in homeschooling


We are going a better job in helping the kids:
  1. Pick a broader Variety of Books – each week the kids will check out from the library and read
    • one book from my list of “good books” (book lists here)
    • one missionary book
    • one biography
    • one book about a US State
    • one book about a US President
    • one book on educational topic of choice (animal, invention, history, country, etc.)
    • other books of their choice (lots of Star Wars and Puppy Place in our house these days)
  2. Reading Comprehension Bookmarks (new free printable) ensure they are understanding what they’ve read, are truly reading everything, and to help them learn to take better notes in preparation for reports

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#3 – Dedicated FUN LEARNING time

educational games
I don’t know if anyone else can relate, but we have a lot of fun learning toys we’ve acquired over the years, but we tend to not allow time to make use of them.
This year:
  • Games are now organized by subject
  • Games are easy to access and in plain sight so we’ll use them more
  • Each day the kids will play a learning game to enhance their learning
  • Many are the free printable educational games I’ve made over the years and shared with you
    • Monday – Language Arts (spelling, sentences, parts of speech, etc.)
    • Tuesday – Math
    • Wednesday – Social Studies/History/Geography
    • Thursday – Educational Ipad Aps

#4 –  4 Day School Week

homeschooling is about building memories and relationships with our kids
Last year we started something new, we only do school 4 days a week.
It was AWESOME!!!
  • we still finished school in 8 months
  • it motivated the kids to get their school work done – if they hadn’t finished their school for the week, they had school on Friday
  • it allowed us to spend time having fun on Fridays which is one of the main reasons we started homeschooling in the first place. Now we have a weekly time built in to play together, go on field trips, etc.

As you get geared up to start the next school year, what are you tweaking in your homeschool? I’d love to know in the comments!

#5 – Goodbye Workboxes

homeschool organization in simple backpacks for easy on the go and little extra supplies needed
I have long been an advocate of school workboxes as they  helped keep everything neat, tidy, and organized. I still think they are a great system….. but half way through last year we moved to back pack homeschool.
What that means is each kid has a backpack with all their school boxes in their own backpack. I have a backpack with all the subjects we do together (social studies, science, art, music).

Here is what I LOVE about it:

  1. It takes up less space in our school room
  2. This system takes up less space on our school table (because their are no boxes to find space for on the table)
  3. Kids clean up their own work and keep it all neatly together
  4. It is portable – this may be my favorite part! If it is a beautiful spring or fall day we can each grab our backpack and head to the backyard, arboretum, etc. to “do school” somewhere else. I always loved the idea of that, but could never figure out how that would work until now.

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