Are You Making the Mistake of Over-Planning?

The 2015-2016 school year is about to begin and our planning is almost done! But are you over-planning your homeschool day?

Are You Making the Mistake of Over-Planning

Over-Planning is filling up every spare moment with classes, workbooks, and activities.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s critical that kids know history and science to be well-rounded citizens. Field trips to the zoo, local businesses, and civic centers are excellent learning opportunities. Getting out and socializing with friends through play dates, park days, nature hikes, and classes is important as well. My children and I have been blessed by the many friends we’ve made.

But trying to fit it all in to your day and week is insane!

That’s what I mean by over-planning your day. Over-planning the day is when you and your kids don’t have a moment to stop and enjoy the moment. You’re always rushing to the next activity, rushing to complete the next workbook page, or rushing to the next awesome event. There’s no balance in your life. Rushing to do everything wears you out.

After all, homeschooling isn’t about filling every moment of every day with a learning activity. It’s about creating an atmosphere, a home, and a lifestyle.

Over-planning prevents discovery

The best homeschool moments are often those unplanned moments that pop up during a period of rest.

Such as when your teenage daughter sits down with you for tea, cookies, and a long conversation. That moment when your 8yo son comes running into the house. He’s been outside following the ants and found their hive. He’s looking for a book about ants to learn more. It’s the moment you walk into the kitchen to find all the kids gathered around the Monopoly board. They’re joking, playing, and simply enjoying the company of their siblings.

Another son grabs his history book off the shelf. He’s fascinated with medieval knights and their weaponry.

Over-planning erases those times of restful learning when kids sit, think, and simply be. These times of rest give kids opportunity to discover what they choose to do. What they’re interested in. What they love to read. Instead of over-planning the day, give your children the gift of time.

Let your children discover themselves.


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Sara Dennis is a homeschooling mother of 6. Her goal is to help moms simplify their homeschools so they can give their kids an excellent education and thrive at home. She blogs at Classically Homeschooling.

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