5 Tips for Recovering from a BAD Homeschool Day

5 Tips for Recovering from a Bad Homeschool Day We all have a bad homeschool day once in a while. Sometimes the kids are wild and simply won’t settle down, and other times it’s simply days where everything goes wrong. We need a way to relax.

5 Tips for Recovering from a Bad Homeschool Day

1. Take time for yourself

Take a few minutes to spend enjoying a cup of coffee, a few chocolate chips, or reading a good book. The trick is to occupy the kids while you take a few minutes for yourself. Put the children down for a special quiet time, turn on a television show, or bring up a special toy from storage. Whatever it takes, give yourself a few minutes of peace and quiet.

2. Take a Walk

These bad days can be perfect for walking out of the house, closing the door behind you, and taking a walk around the neighborhood with your kids. You get some fresh air and exercise. The children burn off nervous energy. Everyone will feel better after walking a few blocks in the fresh air.

3. Divide and Conquer

If your children are old enough, stop trying to homeschool through a bad day and hand out chores instead. Have one child clean the kitchen, another pick up the living room, while a third runs through the house with a vacuum. Once the house is clean, have the children do puzzles or draw while you read a good book aloud. Everyone will be more relaxed in a clean house.

4. Declare a Reading Day

Have all the kids sit down with their favorite book and read all day. Pile blankets and pillows in the living room and let everyone flop to their hearts’ content. Preschooler can look at their favorite books while older children read quietly. Read, relax, and ignore the world for a few hours.

5. Easy Dinner

If the day has truly been dreadful, pizza on paper plates is called for. No cooking, very little cleaning, and most kids adore pizza. You can even turn on a family movie and enjoy a family movie night. We all have bad days that pop up once in a while. Sometimes just grabbing a few minutes to ourselves to calm down and relax will turn the day around. Other times we enter survival mode. Do something easy, relaxing, and fun to turn the day around. And remember, tomorrow will be a fresh start.

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Sara Dennis is a homeschooling mother of 6. Her goal is to help moms simplify their homeschools so they can give their kids an excellent education and thrive at home. She blogs at Classically Homeschooling.

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