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20+ Homeschool Organization Ideas & Hacks

If you are a homeschool family, teacher or mom, you know how important being organized is, right? Here are some fabulous organization ideas and hacks that will hopefully inspire you to get organized!

20+ Homeschool Organization Ideas & Hacks - so many really fun, unique, and creative ideas perfect for new homeschoolers and back to school

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Homeschool Organization Ideas

Stationery can end up everywhere! Use a shoe organizertoolbox or glass bottles to organize it, so clever!

Re-purpose a cutlery holder and use a a handy stationery holder or these caddies work great too!

Let the kids make their own pencil holders to add some personal touches to the school room.

Organize your weekly papers into folders and unit papers in big, labeled clear plastic binsSmall clear plastic holders works well to keep flash cards, manipulatives and small stationery in. Use this file folder system that keeps special papers organized right through the schooling years.

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Create a bookcorner by using picture railsrain gutters or use bins to organize books. Label your reader bins according to level, seasons or themes.

Keep busy bags in clear bags to see what is inside and use milk crates as storage cubbies! Milk crates makes great alternative seating too!

Add lockers to your homeschool room for extra storage and it gives the room a “school” feel.
Slider tubs under a table or in cubbies makes a room look more organized too. Make your own seat sacks for each child’s chair, to keep everyday items in reach.

Color coding your homeschool room not only brings a pop of color to the room, but it helps to keep things organized too

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Book cases works great if you have a small homeschool room, dedicate a closet to school supplies or use a mobile cart like this art cart, practical when you have to move things around.

Are these ideas helpful? Which one is your favorite hack? Get organized!

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