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Is your Family Driving you Nuts in Social Isolation?

Schools have been canceled, more and more cities are moving to a shelter in place orders, and Americans are staying home to flatten the curve. More than ever before, families are getting the forced...

You are CRISIS-Schooling, NOT Homeschooling

With public school closing due to social distancing, parents are being told that they are homeschooling their children until the pandemic passes.  You parents are working hard for sure, but you are...

101 FUN Things to do in Isolation

If you are like the rest of the world, chances are you community is beginning to limit large group settings and encourage people to limit contact with others. Schools are closing, churches are not...

10 Things Parents MUST do in Social Isolation

When we started the year, I don’t think any of us saw this coming; it is unlike anything most most of us have seen in our lifetime! These are definitely some uncertain times we are in. I know many...

Support for Suddenly Homeschooling Families

Wondering how you will make it through the next several weeks or months all stuck in your house together? Online public school at home is only going to take you so far. Here are a list of all the...

20+ FREE Hand Washing Signs for Kids

With the spread or viruses around the United States and world as quickly as it is, and the only way to stop it is isolation and washing hands, putting up one of our free printable hand washing signs...

Coronavirus School Closure Guide for Parents

As the number of schools in the united states and around the world have shut down due to the COVID-19, parents are stuck wondering what they should do with their kids for the days, weeks, and months...

20 Ideas to Make Hand Washing for Kids FUN!

With the spread of the flu and germs, we are all becoming more aware of the need to make sure everyone is washing their hands frequently and thoroughly!  Keep your family as safe as possible with...

Are you Drowning? Tips for Busy Moms

For all you parents out there who feel like you are drowning in all there is to do. For you who are trying to figure out what to prioritize from the could do, should do, and must do. Here is some...

Christmas Name Card Rings with Jokes

This year skip the boring name cards for these FREE Printable Christmas Name Card Rings with Jokes. The file is editable and each name card napkin ring had 2 jokes on it.

Thanksgiving Name Cards with Jokes

This year skip the boring name cards for these FREE Printable Thanksgiving Name Cards with Jokes. The file is editable and each name card napkin ring had 2 jokes on it.

FREE Printable Birthday Cards

Whether you forgot to grab a birthday card or are just looking to save $5 on a Hallmark card, you will love our variety of FREE Printable Birthday Cards for parents, friends, and kids of all ages.

FREE Disney Cars Reward Chart

Help encourage your kids to read, use the toilet, do their chores, or any other task that needs completing with these fun and free Disney Cars Inspired Reward Charts. Updated: Originally published...

Kindness Projects for Kids

“Throw Kindness around like Confetti!” I love that saying! As parents and teachers it is our duty to teach children to be kind and to be an example too! Here are 20 great Random Acts of...

The Orphan Crisis and How to Help

Just two months ago our daughter was an orphan. Today she smiles and giggles at her four siblings and my husband and me. Without us or families like us she would be in an orphanage or worse–abandoned...

DIY Geode Bath Bomb Recipe

One of our favorite things to do is whip up our own bath bomb recipe. They are easy to make, good for you, and FUN! You are going to love this science inspired DIY Geode Bath Bomb Recipe.

How to Adopt: Homestudy &the Paper Chase

If you are ready to start your adoption journey here are some tips you need to read before picking your homestudy agency and starting the paper chase. In case you are just joining our series, you...

Why Adopt?

Are you considering adoption? Did someone tell you that you should adopt? Here are some reasons why you should adopt.

We’re off to China (Adoption Story part 2)

Ever wondered what it is like to fly to another country to adopt an orphan? Join us as we travel to china to adopt our two precious children in part 2 of our adoption story.

Our Adoption Story Begins

There was a gnawing at my heart and I just knew we needed to adopt. I wanted to help a child get out of an orphanage and into a forever family – ours! It was the BEST decision we ever made...

Don’t be a Social Media Lurker!

Are you one of those people that enjoys seeing what everyone you’ve ever crossed paths with is up to on Facebook? Here is why you need to change how you are thinking right NOW to avoid being or...

20+ Homeschool Organization Ideas & Hacks

If you are a homeschool family, teacher or mom, you know how important being organized is, right? Here are some fabulous organization ideas and hacks that will hopefully inspire you to get organized!

10 Shampoo Hacks!

Here are 10 super clever uses for shampoo to make your life a lot easier!

10 CLEVER Chore Charts for Kids

If you are looking for some super clever chore charts for kids ideas, here are 10 that will knock your socks off!

Making it Through a Miscarriage

Are you struggling to make it through your miscarriage. Here are some tips and encouragement from someone else who has been in the trenches.

17 Clever Wipe Container Hacks

If you have an abundance of baby wipe containers, you are are going to love these 17 clever wipe container hacks!

88 DIY Halloween Costumes

Over 88 super cute DIY Costume ideas for kinds including lots of favorite characters, Disney, food, and more.

17 Awesome Parent Hacks

Looking for clever tips and tricks to make your job as a parent easier? Here are 17 awesome Parent Hacks!

FREE Frozen Reward Chart for Kids

Help encourage your kids to read, use the toilet, do their chores, or any other task that needs completing with these fun and free Disney Frozen Inspired Reward Charts.

Making Sense of Reading Levels

Anyone else completely confused by the library labeled reading levels? There are guided reading levels, Lexile numbers, and Book Levels like the library uses. Here is what level your child should be...

Tips to Save BIG on Toys

Get a jump start on your Christmas holiday shopping or your child’s next birthday present with these tried and true tips to save money on buying toys. Plus some great toys now at a fantastic deal!

How to Support Someone Going through a Miscarriage

Are you struggling with how to express your care and concern for a friend or family member who is going through a miscarriage? Here is some insight and advice to help you support them where they are...

DIY Scratch-Off Cards with free printable

My kids love scratch-off cards. They always are asking at Kohls if they can do one. This is a really easy way you can make your own scratch off cards – perfect for lots of fun kids activities.

God is the ONLY True Super Hero

This is a great Bible Study for families with kids of all ages. You will learn why God is the only true super hero. Family Bible Study – God is the only True Super Hero Our Community group is...

14 Home Vegetable Garden Tips

Are you thinking about starting a Home Vegetable Garden this year? Here are some must read tips to get you off to a strong start!

Christmas Morning Holiday Traditions

            Christmas Morning Holiday Traditions Here is how our Christmas morning looks – PJ’s!! We might run a comb through our hair… but we all (yep, me too) leave on...

Christmas Cards Holiday Tradition

Christmas Cards Holiday Tradition I  LOVE getting Christmas letters! I do understand that email is quicker and that you generally know how your close friends are doing, but I love the tradition of...

FREE 10 Commandments Printable

“Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your...