November 12, 2022
101 FUN Things to do at Home

101 FUN Things to do at Home


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If you are stuck at home because of bad weather or change of plans, don’t worry! Their are lots of fun things to do at home! WE are going to share fun activities to do at home for the whole family from preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, and up! Which of these activities for kids will you try first?

If you are stuck at home because of bad weather or change of plans, don't worry! Their are lots of fun things to do at home! WE are going to share fun activities to do at home for the whole family from preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, and up! Which of these activities for kids will you try first?

Fun Things to do at Home

We have over 100 fun things to do at home plus easy fun activities to do at home to help your kids forget about the weather or change of plans.! Whether you have toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4, or older students – we’ve got you covered!

Fun Activities to do at Home

  • Make a silly sign to put by each sink to encourage hand washing (here are 20+ free printable handwashing posters if you prefer)
  • Teach kids why it’s important to wash ands with this handwashing activity
  • Bake Cookies, or cake, or bread (try our melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookie recipe that are so much fun to cut out into various shapes and frost)
  • Have a tea party. Get dressed up and bring a doll or bear and host a party with tea or  apple juice and little snacks out of tea cups. This is sure to be a hit with young girls.
  • Celebrate fun holidays with silly crafts and activities
  • Build a Fort out of couch cushions, furniture and blankets, or this super cool fort kit.
  • Make special popcorn (like oreo popcorn, carmel popcorn, etc. just search pinterest) and watch a movie together
  • Play in the backyard (as of now, experts say you are fine to be outside as long as you are 6 feet from your neighbor)If you are stuck at home because of bad weather or change of plans, don't worry! Their are lots of fun things to do at home! WE are going to share fun activities to do at home for the whole family from preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, and up! Which of these activities for kids will you try first?

Activities for kids at home

  • Draw on the driveway with chalk
  • Ride your bike up and down the street (use a helmet please, the ER is not the place you want to be now!)
  • Play backyard games like tic-tac-toe, jenga, giant yatzee, twister, connect four, croquet, badmitton, volleyball, etc.
  • Kick a soccer ball back and forth or have a frienly family game
  • Play a family game of PIG with your driveway basketball hoop (I would NOT go to the local park or invite over neighborhood friends during the pandemic)
  • Just because the MLB delayed the start of baseball doesn’t mean you can’t play catch in the backyard
  • Fly a kite (if you have a large backyard or a big empty field near your houes and local quarantine restrictions permit)Super cute Abu cupcakes for a fun themed Aladdin food

Activities to do at home

  • Have a Disney Family Fun Day – ideas for themed food, games, crafts, etc. for a special day your kids will always remember
  • Work on a 1000+ piece puzzle as a family
  • Color a picture with crayons, markers, gel pens, or colored pencils (remember Amazon still delivers and, unlike hand sanitizer and chlorox / lysol spray, craft supplies are in stock!) We have over 500 pages of free coloring pages !
  • Chances are you have some craft supplies like tp tubes, pipe cleaners, glue, construction paper, google eyes, tape, etc. around that you were meaning to make into a craft – no time like the present to make fun crafts for kids!
  • Deep clean your house as a family
  • Take time daily to pray for your friends / family / neighbors / community
  • Call Grandma & Grandpa, Aunts & Uncles, Cousins, and friends on facetime / zoom / skype / facebook
  • Make some silly playdough creations (you can grab free playdough mats here or try a new homemade playdough recipe here)
  • Write a letter to family and friends or a pen pal (send via the mail, wait to mail it until the crisis passes, or take a picture and send the letter via messenger or email)Printable Alphabet Letter Crafts for kids

Fun activities at home

  • Make a letter craft with your preschoolers – with one a day you will have crafts for almost a whole month!
  • Make a souvenir – I don’t mean to trivialize what is going on at all, but with kids we also want to keep them calm and free from anxiety. Make a toilet paper themed craft to commemorate all the toilet paper craziness in the US.
  • Blow bubbles! Don’t have any bubble solution on hand? Try our amazing homemade bubbles recipe
  • Use lego to build landmarks from around the world, compete to build the tallest or most creative building, etc.
  • Make an epic train track all around your living roomAmazing Bubble Artwork for Kids

Indoor Activities at home

  • Try Amazing Bubble Painting for Kids
  • Whip up a batch of kid favorite SLIME! Here are our favorite slime recipes.
  • Use this puffy paint recipe or these puffy paint recipe ideas to make a fun “3d” project
  • Help kids learn some geography by pinpointing different cities on these free printable world map as you watch the news and hear different countries. For older students, you can work on statistics, epidimology, and math by graphing the growth of the pandemic.
  • Younger students can seize the opportunity to learn about countries around the world with a less intense activity – they can color these Countries Around the World Coloring Pages to explore famous landmarks and cultures.FREE-State-Coloring-Pages

Activities i do with my family

  • Learn about the 50 US States with these super cute and fun-to-color 50 State Coloring Pages
  • Make a fun hand art projects or alphabet handprint crafts
  • Play a boardgame…. or two or three =) Here are some of our favorite board games to order on Amazon to try something new
  • Prepare as scavenger hunt around your house (give clues on post it notes, picture clues, color scavenger hunt, alphabet scavenger hunt, etc.)
  • Learn a new language online with rosetta stone or watch cartoons with the spanish language track
  • Get a jump on Christmas by making some fun Christmas Crafts to give to family members in December
  • Have a very merry unbirthday party – watch Alice in Wonderland, practice counting with these birthday cake playdough mats, make a birthday cake, etc.Free printable preschool alphabet worksheets and abc games

Things to do at home

  • Help toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners practice their alphabet letters and learn their ABCs with these fun Alphabet Printables and ABC Games
  • Prepare birthday cards for the next year so they are all ready to send out! You can get free printable birthday cards for kids to color!
  • Have a fancy dinner where you all get dressed up, use a tablecloth and candles, and put on music while you eat
  • Make some music. If your kids play instruments they can each work on a piece to perform. Or, make your own musical instruments to make your own music.
  • Put on a circus at home where everyone works on an act. Have mom or dad be the ring leader and announce each act to thunderous appluase from your whole family. Just look for circus music in amazon music for your performance and have children see what is in a circus by watching Dumbo, The Greatest Showman, or google Ringling Brothers Circus on you tube to learn what acts are in a circus.Count to 10 animal cookie printable

Fun things for kids to do at home

  • Play with your food with these Animal Cookie Printables to practice counting to 10 or a montessori animal matching activity
  • Have a fashion show where you make a runway out of  towels, put on some music, and mom or dad can announce each fashion piece as your girls and boys walk down the runway in styles they create from their closets, mom and dads closet, or their dress up clothes. You can take pictures using a cell phone or camera and post them on social media if you like
  • Travel around the world by preparing meals from different countries by googling recipes online. Have people wear clothes inspired by that country, play typical music, and even make decorations that are common in that country.
  • Have you children write and illustrate a story you can actually publish into a book with services like lulu. Or you can write the story together as a family

Fun things to do at home with kids

  • Have a backyard campfire – roast marshmallows, sing songs, tell stories, and play campfire games.
  • Look through old family photobooks, scrapbooks, and pictures and tell your kids stories about your family history
  • Work on organizing your family pictures into photobooks using services like shutterfly
  • Plan your next family vacation – date TBD. Talk to your kids about where they would want to go, google what you should see in the state or country. Plan your disney vacation with our tips here!
  • Did you know you can go on every ride at Disney World watching videos on youtube? Print off a park map and sit around the computer screen. Then google each ride on you tube and you can take a virtual vacation! You can even make your own mickey pretzels as a snack – not disney snack credits required!
  • Teach your dog a new trick – shake hands, roll over, jump through a hoop, etc. Lots of ideas onlineFREE Goldfish Counting Bowls
  • Practice math or letters with these free printable snack mats: Goldfish Counting, Fruit Loop / Skittle / M & M Alphabet Mats, Sorting Colors Mats, Ten Frame Snack Mats
  • Make an obstacle course for kids out of furniture, crepe paper, string. Here is one we made with crepe paper for a bug unit to give you an idea!
  • Build your own DIY simple machines from things you have laying around the house to sneak in some fun learning
  • Have a spa day with your girls – do face masks, manicures / pedicures, soak feet in a foot bath, take a bath, put cucumbers on your face, give massages, makeovers, etc.
  • Play your favorite video game or buy a new game to make the time extra fun!animal masks for kids
  • Pretend you have your own zoo and put animal figures or duplo figures arranged to make a zoo. Or have kids join in and pretend they are animals with these free printable animal masks. Older students may want to try creating their own zoo on Zoo Tycone.
  • Have a family reading competition! Here are some great books lists for kids and printable book logs / charts
  • Work on learning to count coins and tell american money apart with these coin recognition worksheets
  • Play store by making or printing your own pretend money, put a price on everything in their play kitchen, and let kids go shopping and practice adding and subtracting money!
  • Make your own pizza night – make a yeast crust and let people pick their own toppings
  • Star Wars Marathon – watch all the star wars movies in a row from episode 1-9. Or any other series you like such as Toy Story 1-4 or Frozen 1 & 2, etc.
  • Sneak in some american history and let kids binge watch Libery Kids to learn about the revolutionary war in a very engaging, historically acurate cartoon for kidsDIY Lava Lamp - super easy way to make your own lava lamp with simple things you have around your house. This homemade lava lamp is such a fun science project for kids of all ages to sneak in some summer learning. This science experiment is for toddlers, preschoolers, pre k, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and kids of all ages at home, homeschool, summer camps, classroom, etc.
  • Follow our simple instructions for how to make a lava lamp – this will amaze kids!
  • Become super heroes! Have everyone create their own super hero name, power, costume. You can roll play some events, watch incredible 1 & 2, or older kids can watch marvel super hero movies
  • Build your own Sundaes – have lots of fun toppings for kids to make their own ice cream creations. Or, make your own ice cream in a bag with this hands-on recipe for active kids.
  • Buy a new lego set that he whole family will have fun building together
  • Take a bubble bath, play with toys in the bath, or have a themed bath
  • Once the sun goes down, turn off all the lights, hand out flashlights and play flashlight tag
  • Have an EPIC game of hide and seek with your family throughout your house
  • Make paper airplanes and have a competition to see whose goes the farthest
  • Try guided art projects – by googling them on youtube (draw animals, people, famous places etc)Medieval Castles for Kids
  • Dive into a period of history with one of history units for kids
  • Make an epic marble run out of the toy or DIY marble run
  • Create beautiful origami creations (just google it or buy an origami book)
  • Have a fun dance party with favorite music
  • Get on pajamas and have a sleepover all together
  • Create a human sundial on your driveway to show kids how time pases (or build a lego version)
  • Play charades as a family for lots of fun and giggles. You can create your own or get this Charades for Kids we use all the time.
  • Play an epic girls versus boys Pictionary game using dry erase boards or scratch paper!DIY Spy Cipher

Activities for Kids at Home

  • Create your own code or cipher and write each other hidden messages. You can do this activity on its own or as part of a spy themed day
  • Work on memorizing a new passage of scripture together as a family (printable Bible verse cards)
  • Create a road out of chalk on your driveway for little tykes vehices or bikes to drive through
  • Teach kids to sew or knitAmazing-Tin-Foil-Craft-for-Kids
  • Make this Amazing Tinfoil Art Project!
  • Use kid-favorite Bingo Markers with our free Do a Dot Printables to practice a variety of skills
  • Play BINGO (here are our free bingo printables) or memory game
  • Make an indoor volleball game by attaching plates to paint stirers with staple or tape and using the diy paddles to keep a balloon in the air.
  • Make Rock Candy
  • Learn to make your own balloon animals100+ edible science experiments
  • Try one of these 100+ amazing Edible Science Experiments for Kids
  • Have an epic Nerf War or Laster Tag game.  Form teams and see who comes out on top!
  • See who can build the tallest tower or longest bridge out of marshmallows and dry spaghetti
  • Host your own family olympics!  Try these ideas or try your favorite events.
  • Minute to Win It Party – so many fun, silly activities that are sure to make kids giggle
  • Make a GIANT domino run around your home (you may want to pick up a couple extra games for this one!)
  • Help kids focus on all we have to be grateful for even during this unusual and scary time by creating a thankful box. Every day have kids share something they are thankful for, write it on a paper, and put it in the box.
  • Get Healthy with a friendly physical fitness competition! See who can do the most sit ups in a minute, push-ups, jumping jacks, planks, etc.  With our kids we also do wheelbarrow races and handstands against the walls.

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