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Count and Clip Sticks

Count and clip sticks are fun to use for preschoolers while learning to count. With these count and clip sticks you add fine motor skills to the activity too. Make your own holiday themed count and clip sticks using Washi tape! Count and Clip Sticks (Preschool Counting Activity)

Making these will take you about 10 minutes at the most and it is really easy too!

This is such a fun math activity for toddler, preschool, and kindergarten age kids.


Count and Clip Sticks

count and clip stickes supplies needed

Supplies Needed:

add gingerbread washi tape to craft sticks

Add the Washi tape to the one end of the sticks, cutting the patterns to be able to count it:

use sharpie to write numbers on craft sticks

Use a marker and add the corresponding numbers on the other end of the sticks:

use clothespins and clip the correct number

Let your older child use small clothespins to count and clip, but younger children will need larger clothespins.

preschool counting activity

You could paint the sticks and pegs if you want to, but I like the original colors. They fit nicely with the gingerbread man theme.

busy bag counting kids activities

Lovely count and clip sticks that you can pack into a small pencil bag and use as a busy bag during car trips or waiting times! Extend the activity by placing the sticks in numerical order or doing simple addition or subtraction sums.

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