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No Stick Gingerbread Slime Recipe

This No Stick Gingerbread Slime Recipe smells just wonderful and is a joy to play with and clean-up because it is NO STICK!

FREE Gingerbread Addition Game

Grab this Adding Within 5 Gingerbread Addition Game to get children practicing their basic adding skills.

BEST Gingerbread Cookies Recipe

You are going to love our families BEST Gingerbread Cookies Recipe that actually stay soft, have an amazing flavor, and smell wonderful while they bake.

FREE Gingerbread Rhyming Puzzles

The holiday season is upon us and kids are SO excited about this. What better way to get your students and children engaged and excited about learning than making it festive with these Gingerbread...

Gingerbread Cookies Memory Game

Memory is a tricky thing, did you know it should be excercised? Make this fun by using memory games! This gingerbread cookie memory game is just that- fun!

32+ Gingerbread Crafts and Kids Activities

If you are looking for lots of really fun Gingerbread Crafts and Kids Activities this December, you are going to love these fun Christmas Crafts for Kids!

Puffy Gingerbread Ornaments RECIPE

If you are looking for a no fail, easy to make, puffy gingerbread ornaments recipe I’ve got you covered. This is a great recipe that will produce beautiful Christmas ornaments for kids to decorate.

Count and Clip Sticks

Count and clip sticks are fun to use for preschoolers while learning to count. With these count and clip sticks you add fine motor skills to the activity too. Make your own holiday themed count and...

Yummy Gingerbread Cake Recipe

The most delicious gingerbread cake recipe you’ll ever taste! These make such a fun Christmas tradition! Our family looks forward to this Christmas Kids Activities every year!

Gingerbread Puffy Paint Recipe

Your kids will love painting with this super cool Gingerbread Puffy Paint Recipe for a December kids activities. My kids love to paint! Here is a fun way for kids to paint this December. Use this...

Gingerbread Slime Recipe for Kids

Kids will love playing with Gingerbread Slime as a fun Christmas kids activities. Young children love exploring with all their senses! Slime has to be one of the funnest (I know not really a word)...

Gingerbread Pirates Worksheets

Kids will love learning in the month of December with these fun Gingerbread Pirates Worksheets for kids. These are perfect for PreK-3rd grade.

Gingerbread Pirates

Here is a super cute Christmas Craft for Kids based on one of our favorite Christmas books – The Gingerbread Pirates. Believe it or not my kids were begging to do ‘preschool’ the week before...