Weekly Themes

Take all the work out of planning an epic weekly theme with our themed resources listed by subject. So many clever, fun, engaging activities and worksheets for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary age kids.

FREE Weekly Themes - lots of themes with tons of crafts, activities, and educational activities for preschool, prek, kindergarten, and elementary age kids and their families to learn math, language arts, science, history, art, and more while learning the weekly theme. LOTS OF CHOICES!!

What are weekly themes?

  • Weekly themes include a variety of learning activities based on a central theme.
  • Since weekly themes are hands on, fun and immersive kids engage with the learning material.
  • Families love weekly themes because a wide range of ages can do them together.
  • There are a variety of core coursework included in weekly themes such as math, language arts, science, history, art, and more

Why should I use weekly themes?

Weekly Themes are a favorite with kids and educators alike. Kids get to immerse themselves in a fun theme like bugs, farm, fall, ocean, winter, etc. Educators are able to "sneak in" a lot of learning in such a fun, natural way that kids are excited about learning and tend to retain more of the knowledge.
Plus, one of my favorite things about weekly themes is the whole family can learn together! Individual activities and books you read will be adapted based on skill and abilities, but the topic, crafts, science, and often history will remain the same. Making weekly themes fun, efficient learning the the whole family can enjoy together!

How are core subjects incorporated in weekly themes?

  • Math - themed worksheets, games, counting mats, measurement, etc. make practicing or learning a new skill fun.
  • Language Arts - themed worksheets, games, and readers make practicing sight words, building sentences, identifying parts of speech, and writing exciting.
  • Science - exploring the anatomy of bugs, learning about seasons, performing a colorful science experiments, learning about types of clouds and more come alive in their real world context.
  • History - instead of reading a dry textbook, kids can learn about historical events, places, and people in context with the topic (i.e. Independence Day, pilgrims, Saint Patrick)
  • Art - Kids will get to explore their creativity, learn about colors and strengthening motor skills with arts and projects that will further bring alive the topic of study.
  • More - Many unit studies also contain music ideas, field-trip suggestions, geography tie-ins, etc.

Weekly Themes

Whether you use these themed learning ideas for your lower elementary age students or as preschool weekly themes, we've got lots of fun themed eductational activities to make your free weekly themes lesson plan.

Bird Theme

Complete this week-long Bird Theme and enjoy a fascinating week of bird printables, bird activities, bird science activities for preschoolers, and bird math activities plus litearcy for your kids...

Bugs Theme

Celebrate the arrival of spring or fall with this cute bug theme filled with a weeks worth of educatioanl bug activities for kids! This insect theme preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade...

Camping Theme Math, Science, Printable Activities

Study camping using this delightful week-long camping theme.  Pick your favorite camping theme ideas from this list of camping picture books,  educational camping activities for kids, and enjoy a...

Fall Theme and Unit Study for Kids

Make learning fun this September, October, and November with this easy Fall Unit Study. There are enough fall theme activities and ideas to make a week long fall unit study, and much more. There are...

Johnny Appleseed Day Activities

These fun Johnny Appleseed activities help kids celebrate the historical figure that has turned into a tall tale. Use this fun johnny appleseed day activities in a September theme, apple theme, for...

Oceans Theme

Your children will have fun learning all about the oceans for kids with this fascinating week-long ocean theme! For this ocean theme preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, and 2nd graders...

Space Theme

Study astronomy with this fascinating week-long space theme! All you have to do is pick your favorite books, select a couple  educational space activities, and enjoy a fun week exploring the...


Learn all about Thanksgiving with this fun week-long Thanksgiving theme! Your kids will study this national holiday in November celebrating the harvest the Pilgrims had thanks to the help of Squanto...

Tree Theme

Whether you are looking for a arbor day activities, earth day ideas or just celebrating the arrival of spring – this tree theme is perfect! Study trees twith these tree theme activities for...

Valentines Day Themes

You and your kids will have fun learning all about Valentine’s Day with this fascinating week-long valentines day themes. We have valentines day rafts, valentines day math, litearcy, valentines...

Weather Theme Activities for Kids

Learn all about weather with this fun week-long Weather theme! Your kids will enjoy learning about weather for kids with these weather activities. These weather activities for kids are fun for...

Worm Worksheets

Children love learning about creatures they can search for in the garden. They can spend hours digging for worms, and then learn all about worms and additional worm themed math and literacy skills...

Zoo Theme Crafts and Activities for Kids

This fascinating week-long Zoo Theme will make a fun week of learning for your toddler, preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade students! Learn all about zoos...