March 17, 2021

Our Choice to Homeschool


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“Would you ever consider homeschooling?” “NO WAY!” I replied to my hubby.

Me & Christian Schools

Let me tell you about my schooling experience. I went to school at Evangelical Christian Academy ( a wonderful school for missionary kids in Madrid, Spain. There were only 8 kids in my graduating class & we still keep up from time-to-time. We were taught all the disciplines by some wonderful, caring teachers. There was a real sense of community among the students and lots of opportunities for involvement: Newspaper, Student Council, yearbook, Drama, French Club, Photography Club, National honor Society, Ensemble singing group, band, etc. I did go to public school for 3rd grade when we were on furlough. I don’t think I learned a lot academically, but I did realize that not everyone was like me: Christian with a two-parent household.
Hubby & Public Schools

My husband, on the other hand, went to a ‘good public school.’ Although he learned the basic subjects he didn’t really love learning or have a real depth in any of them. (I never took Calculus, but with the excellent math classes I had growing up, I was able to tutor him in his college Calculus class.) What made a deeper impression on him was the bullying, promiscuity, suicides, and what-not that he witnessed. My hubby did fine; he developed what drew me to him in the first place – his sense of humor. That sense of  humor got him through school unscathed.

Our Choice to Homeschool
So back to our decision. Several years after boldly proclaiming that we would NOT be homeschooling we had our first child, Goofy. I never realized I could love anyone as much as I loved that sweet, precious, innocent life God had blessed us with. And then, God started tugging on me about homeschooling.

So during my sons naps and early bedtime I read and read and read. I poured over every book I could find on the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling & public schools. I seriously read about 100 books his fist year of life. Then one day I sat down and told my husband that I agreed, I thought we should homeschool. I wasn’t crazy about it…. but I knew God was speaking very clearly to me. It was a whole foreign concept to me. My parents were both educators, my Grandma was a teacher, my sister & her husband were teachers, my mother-in-law & sister-in-law were teachers, and I really thought growing up that I was going to be a teacher – so this was completely out of my comfort zone.

During my sons 2nd year I began reading about what homeschooling looks like, how to homeschool, ideas for homeschooling, etc. I started getting excited about homeschooling. I could do this. This could be fun.

Now my son is starting homeschool Kindergarten in the fall & I am ecstatically excited! I consider myself privileged to spend so much time with him, to learn alongside him, to go on this quest for knowledge, to disciple him morning/noon/night, and to find resources in the community to enrich our homeschooling. I love looking at the literally hundreds of curriculum choices out there and picking what will work best for us. I love using my creativity to make it as fun, exciting, and educational as possible. And I am already learning so much too!

So even though it isn’t the right choice for everybody, it is the only choice for us. Homeschooling  is a calling; one I do not take lightly. So weather you are homeschooling or not, feel free to join us on our journey. Learn from our mistakes, be inspired by our ideas/creativity, and remember – no matter what schooling choice you choose – it is a choice!


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