March 11, 2024

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Download Files Help

I get questions weekly asking for help downloading my files. Most of my files are too large to email. Here are some possible solutions for the most common questions I get:

How to Download from 123homeschool4me

We have 2 types of freebies: subscriber freebies and regular freebies. There are slightly different ways to download each.

download with text link

Download with a TEXT LINK

The majority of our files (over 95%) are text link downloads as shown above. To get thos downloads you will:

  • scroll to the botto of the post
  • under the terms of use: By using materials from my site you agree to the following:
  • CLICK on the TEXT Link that says >> ______ <<
  • THe file will immediately open in a new window for you to download and save (see below for help on that)

dont click on ads

HINT: No matter what the ad looks like, our file will never be in a random button that says the word “download”. Sometimes they appear right under the link, and unfortunately sometimes (1 out of 50) it interjects it before the download link as in the above right example. Still click the TEXT LINK that says >> _____ <<.

We know the ads can be annoying at times. But allowing the ad company to pay for our time, hosting fees, developer, email service, clipart, and food on my table allows us to keep our resources FREE for you =) We love that our unique business model allows us to keep things free for YOU! So when they get a little annoying (we really do try to keep them less annoying and filter certain ads) they gave you access to this for FREE!

subscriber freebie files

Download Subscriber Freebie File

The other type of file we offer (less than 5% of the time) are special files that are FREE for our email subscribers. They are still 100% FREE. It just means you are joining our weekly FREE newsletter where you will learn about all the great freebies that came out that week or seasonal resources.

For those enter your name, email, and click “print”. Your file will open immediately; don’t go anywhere!

  • Yes, you need to do that even if you are already a subscrber. This is the cheapest and easiest solution we’ve found (and we’ve looked). Plus when you do it for a different resource (depending on your settings) it will most likely remember you so when you click the box it will alreayd be ready to input your data for you. Easy Peasy! And don’t worry, it will not duplicate your email subscription!
  • We do not sell your email.
  • You will  get instant access to the file!

how to dwonload step 1

How to Save and Print the PDF File

No matter if you clicked on a text link or filled in the convert kit form to get your free file this process is the same! The file will open and look like the above picture. Either it will take a minute to render (some of our files are BIG) and will have a spinning circle or show the preview. Either way you can go ahead and download the file from google drive where it is hosted online to your LOCAL computer.

NOTE: We do NOT recommend printing directly from the web version as renderring errors from your connection, google drive page speed, etc. can cause black boxes around the elements of the page.

Once you click on the download icon on the top right of your page (in the example below I’ve circled it in red for you). At this point the file will download to your local machine and appear in the bottom right (see red arrow and circle)

download file 2

Click on the downloaded file on the botto right and it will open. I know it is similar to how it looked the first time. But now you are previewing the file from your local machine. Now you can:

  • Print – click on printer icon and select yor local printer
  • Download – Click on download arrow and a box will appear for you to choose where to save the file on your local machine


Solutions to Common Downloading Problems

  1. Make sure you are trying to print from a copy you have downloaded to your local machine (see instructions above)
  2. Sign out of your account (1 out of 1000 says this fixes the problem) – no idea why!
  3. Make sure you are downloading from my site! If you share the file link only with someone else they will not be able to download it. I am grateful that Google Drive does this – it helps me ensure users comply with the terms of use! I’m sure it was unintentional, but doing that means you bypass me, the creator of the content. That means you didn’t see any ads so I didn’t get “paid” for my work. If everyone avoids getting the file directly from my site I can’t buy groceries and we have to close up shop. I know no one wants that =)
  4. Try a different browser – For some reason Firefox and ipads act up more than others with google drive. Try to access the file from your home computer on Chrome (my fav) or Internet Explorer.
  5. Restart Your Computer – Sometimes your computer just needs to clear itself out.  (that’s usually my problem!)
  6. Look for Downlaod in bottom of screen – some settings start the download in the bottom and people just miss it.
  7. It says no preview possible & could harm my computer! Sorry, not sure how to get around this. When my files are REALLY big it can’t render a preview. So it says that as a standard precaution. If you click download anyway you will be good to go, but I know it is a little alarming, sorry!
  8. As a LAST results you can try to email me info @ and I will try to help you fiture it out. This option will take longer as I cannot promise how quickly I can get back to you, you understand I’m a busy homeschooling Mom of 6 – but I’ll do my best to make it as quick as possible. The other problem,many of my freebies that are too large to email.

If you have anymore concerns or questions, please feel free to email me at info @ 123homeschool4me .com.
(NOTE: The spaces in my email address above is to help cut down spam. Just remove the spaces before sending =))

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  1. Mari Avatar

    How can I use some of your ideas and printed forms for church

    1. Beth Gorden Avatar

      You are welcome to use any of our printables at church for free =) ENJOY!

  2. Patricia Swan Avatar
    Patricia Swan

    I am a music school teacher. I have been looking for accessible music lessons without singing or student contact during ——. Sadly students are not allowed to sing or do interactive music games and activities. Your music lap book would work well. Is it possible to purchase reproducible pages for a class of 25-30 students? I have tried to find you on TPT – Teachers Pay Teachers, but cannot find it there. Thank you for considering my request.

    1. Beth Gorden Avatar

      You can use our and send us 1.99 for a classroom license for that individual product to be used in your classroom =)

  3. Catherine Avatar

    How do I find your Alphabet Letter Builders download on TPT? I tried searching but it doesn’t come up the same way it does as a free individual download. I’d love to be able to use it in my kindergarten reading groups… but I’d like to do it legally! I am a prep coverage/music teacher in Ontario and I cover one kindie class for reading groups 3 times a week. Your alphabet resources look like they would be very useful.


    1. Beth Gorden Avatar

      Catherine, you are right that resource is not in my store. You are welcome to use the free version =) Enjoy!

  4. Deanne Avatar

    Hello, is the content that you have available aligned with Common Core? I really want to avoid it if possible. Thank you!

    1. Beth Gorden Avatar

      We are not aligned with Common Core as we are not a complete curriculum. We offer a HUGE variety of educational activities and free worksheets you can pick and choose from. So it can be what you make it =)

      1. Deanne Avatar

        Thank you so much!

  5. carolyn Avatar

    When i print the organs there is a black box behind them that uses alot of ink. What can I do to avoid that. Thanks so much for your printables

    1. Beth Gorden Avatar

      I think you are printing from the web version and it is a rendering error from your internet speed. Try downloading the file and saving it on your machine locally. THen print from that copy and you shouldn’t have that issue any more =)

  6. Kathleen Verdone Avatar
    Kathleen Verdone

    Hello Beth: Being technically challenged has made my task difficult. I purchased the botany kit so I could use it to make free kits for young kids to pass out at garden events in our town. I am a Master Gardener and we are planning to build awareness of 2022 as Year of the Garden in Ontario, Canada. So my group is trying to design a soil ball , seed growing kit with a sequence of instructions for budding gardeners. I just cannot get access to the Botany $3.99 kit I purchased from you. Help please. Sorry to inconvenience you. Kay

    1. Beth Gorden Avatar

      Just sent you an email =)

  7. Ida Avatar

    Thank you for giving me a lot of ideas, I really like all your posts because I am a private teacher and it helps me a lot

  8. Charles W Houseknecht Avatar
    Charles W Houseknecht

    Thank you for everything. Our grandson really enjoyed your worksheet. He is ready for first grade.

  9. Nathalia Avatar

    Hi I am a homeschool mom of 2 we started this year kindergarten and this material is going to be very useful for my family Thank you

  10. L Avatar


  11. Melanie Avatar

    Thank you for these helpful resources.

  12. Nelly Contreras Avatar
    Nelly Contreras

    Thank do much for your lovely matetial

  13. Lorena Avatar

    Im Director Preschool I like used and printed your ideas for my class.Thank you

  14. Teresa Avatar