April 2, 2019

4 Tips for Easing Back into the Homeschool Routine


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Having trouble getting motivated to go back to homeschooling? Here are 4 tips to help you ease into the homeschool routine.

After the holidays it’s hard to get back into the homeschool routine. Kids are used to cookies, treats, parties, and presents. We’re used to concentrating on baking, cooking, and cleaning.

Instead of struggling, use these awesome tips to help you ease back into school after the holidays.

4 Tips for Easing Back into the Homeschool Routine

1. Begin the school year with a plan

Make certain you start the new year with a plan for your homeschool. This means you need a schedule for your day. When will the children do chores, play, and complete their school work? When will children rise and go to bed?

A plan also means you know what you’ll be studying. Make certain you’re prepared with art and science supplies, good books to read aloud, and a history project ready.


2. Start with the basics

Before trying to jump back into every subject under the sun, spend a week concentrating on getting the basics done in a timely manner.

In my family this means that we work on getting reading, writing, and math done before noon. This is harder than it sounds when the kids are still in party mode.

3. Don’t try to multi-task

Don’t attempt to get laundry or cooking done while the kids do their school work. Kids are in party mode after the holidays. This means the moment your back is turned, they’re joking, laughing, and having a party instead of doing math.

Plan to spend a fair amount of time getting kids back on task after the holidays. Don’t get upset, just remind your children what they’re supposed to be doing every time you catch them goofing around.


4. Add fun into the day

School after the holidays can be dreary. Instead of spending January dreaming of Christmas and summer breaks, give the kids treats for getting schoolwork done in a timely manner.

Do that fun history project you’ve been putting off for months. Take a long nature walk with friends. Set up a spectacular science experiment. Read aloud a good book you’ve been eyeing. Enjoy your homeschool and your kids.

With these 4 tips, you’ll enjoy easing back into the homeschool routine and looking forward to a good year of homeschooling with your kids.

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