Homeschooling Tips for when Mom is Sick

So what’s a homeschool mom suppose to do when she is sick? Here are some great tips to not only survive, but thrive!
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Homeschooling Tips for when Mom is Sick

So you’ve got this homeschooling thing worked out. You are in a grove and somehow you are balancing it all……until Mom gets sick.

I think one of the hardest thing about homeschooling is you are always the primary caregiver

Sure those that send their kids to traditional school may work outside the home, but if you work outside the home you can call in sick or run some errands over your lunch break. No true for the homeschool mom.


When you are sick, there is no one to call in sick to.

You still need to not only supervise your children, but they will still need to be educated or make up all the work they are missing. Ugh!

1. Give yourself grace!

You didn’t plan to be sick, it just happened! Give yourself some grace in getting everything done and let yourself rest and get better. The best thing you can do for your family is to take care of yourself so you are back up-and-at-em soon!

2. Make it a shorter Day

Depending on how sick you are, you may be able to just cover the basics (Language Arts & Math). If you can, consider starting right after breakfast and only completing those subjects you really need to. Then after lunch take a nap while kids read quietly in their own rooms.

3. If you’re really sick, call in the Calvary

If you are really sick, don’t feel bad about asking your spouse (or mother) to take the day off of work to stay home with the kids. Again, they have a vested interest in having you get better ASAP too!


Make your Sick Day educational

If all else fails and you have no Calvary to call in, plus you are just to sick to get off the couch……
Watch Education Shows!

We live in a fantastic time when there are a plethora of educational shows for kids. Why not make use of them today. Here are some of our favorites (don’t worry, you can buy digital copies if you don’t own them by the time you get sick!)

  • Liberty Kids (complete series only $5) – is a fantastic cartoon that accurately teaches children about the Revolutionary War in a very age appropriate way. (K-12th)  History

  • Leap Frog Factory – My kids learned to say their letter sounds and sound out words thanks to these phenomenal teaching cartoons. There original series (also including Talking Words FactoryWord Caper) is my favorite and the most educational. These videos are appropriate for PreK-2nd grade.  Then there is a whole slew of Leap Frog videos aimed at the Preschool / Kindergarten crowd focusing on the alphabet and numbers you can stream from Netflix. Language Arts

  • The Magic School Bus – Each episode explores a different area of science. You will be amazed by the details included and how much your children learn from this really great cartoon series. Science

  • Schoolhouse Rocks – This series effortlessly introduces kids to a wide range of subjects including grammar, science, multiplication, money, and American history using songs.

  • What’s in the Bible –  This puppet/cartoon series is made by Veggie Tales producer Phil Visher. It strategically takes kids through the entire Bible in about 10 volumes. The stories, message, and even theology come alive as kids of all ages will have fun learning what’s in the Bible. Bible


  • Disneynature  – There are about 10 of these incredibly well done animal documentaries produced by Disney. Your kids will get an indepth look at Chimpanzees, Bears, African Cats, Winged Animals, and more as they learn about and see these animal up close through some stunning images.
  • For the preschool crowd, they will enjoy shows from PBS like Sesame Street, Curious George, Clifford, Bob the Builder, Word World, and more. If you happen to have cable, my kids love shows on Disney Junior like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffins, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and more.


Have them Play a Board Game

There are lots of board games and math logic puzzles that do a great job of teaching. Here are some of my favorites



Children that are independent readers can use this day as a mini-read-a-thon. Give them an incentive if you can (like ice cream out or something) and then see how much they can read today. If you have younger children who can’t read, have the older children read to the younger children. (See my grade specific book recommendations )

Use Computer Programs

Kids love playing video games. There are lots of computer, gaming system, or web based educational games that will entertain and teach at the same time.

  • Time 4 Learning – web based homeschool curriculum for Preschool – 12 grade. Although one could use this as your sole curriculum, it can easily be used a supplement, after school, or sick schooling.
  • Disney Grade Specific Computer Programs – our family loves anything disney, so it’s no surprise we love their computer games too. They will teach a lot of grade specific skills from math to language arts, Spanish, and more in a really fun, playful way. You can get these for Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st/2nd Grade, or 2nd/3rd Grade.
  • Zoo Tycon – This fun game helps kids to think through animal needs like space, food, climate, etc. while building their zoo. They will also need to think through zoo guest needs like rest, food, restrooms, and more.
  • Gaming System – There are also lots of educational games for your gaming system (Wii, Xbox 360, Playstation, and more). There are lots to choose from depending on your child’s interests, grade level, and your gaming system, but you make like Reading Rabbit or Big Brain Academy to start. Hint: You can borrow video games at many libraries for FREE!


After all the learning fun they squeeze in on your sick day, they just may decide it’s the best homeschool day yet! You will be amazed by the hands on, play based learning they get in while you are on the couch. (Not that I’m advocating doing that every day!)

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