How to Make Apple Chips - Delicious and Healthy

Monday, August 25, 2014

How to Make Apple Chips - Delicious and Healthy

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If you are looking for a healthy alternative to chips, you are going to love the satisfying crunch of apple chips. They are delicious and nutritious!
how to make apple chips - they are delicious, easy to make, and healthy too! #recipes #fall #realfood

This is just one of all recipes I've shared on this blog of our family tested recipes!

The Easiest Way to Slice and Peel Apples

The easiest way to slice and peel apples If you don’t have one of these gizmos – you need one! We got it at Menards for $4.99. It peels, slices, and cores an apple by just turning the crank. It is easy enough for even my 8 year old to manage. You will go through an apple every 10-15 seconds!
How to Make Make Apple Chips Now this is what you end up with. You are going to fold back the apple after every complete circle to snap it off. It goes so fast!
bake apples
Place all the apple circles on a parchment lined baking sheet. Sprinkle with cinnamon (and scant sugar if you like).
Bake at 200 F for 2 hours.
Healthy Apple Chips And now you have a healthy snack or side dish your family will love!

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