June 22, 2023

A is for Apple


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We spent this past week with our A is for Apple alphabet unit.  It was to go along with our Before Five in a Row look at How to Make an Apple Pie & See the World. We finished the apple stuff, minus the apple pie – cause we haven’t been to all the countries to get the ingredients yet!  So here is what we did.
Art Fun – My kids love art projects. The more – the better! We made apple trees using their hand/arm s the tree trunk, fingers to make apples, and paint brush to splotch leaves. We also made an ‘eaten’ apple out of a paper plate. I tried to do apple prints, but for some reason mine didn’t work. If you have done them you’ll have to let me know what your trick is!!

Apple Tree Craft for Kids

Letter A Playdough Mats

Playdoh "A"
Free Alphabet Playdough Mats


Apple Math for Preschoolers

I made Apple Felt Manipulatives. These were a great sensory & hands on activity. The ‘seeds’ were velcro sot they stood out. Click on the picture below to see my post on hot to make these. We played all sorts of games with these including using tweezers to pick them up. Goofy (6)can look at the dots & tell me the number without counting! Minnie (3) is getting good at counting all the way up to 16!

We also used  “Apple Math 3 Ways” and “Odd & Even Apple Trees” for practicing math skills with apples. We practiced fractions by cutting up an apple (it was a yummy snack too!) Finally we practiced with patterns using apple fun!

Make your own Sensory Felt Apple Counters 1-16 Apple Math 3 Ways - AWESOME!Learning Odds & Evens with Apples


Apple Book Recommendations

We LOVE a good book, or two, or three! Besides that we learn so much about our world through reading, it is just plain fun! I love cuddling up with my kids, laughing at the silly pictures, or seeing their smile at humor in them. And nothing can beat the moment when out in the ‘real world’ they say – he mom & show you they learned something!! Here are our favorites:


Apple Science

We bought 6 different kids of apples, tasted, and described the similarities & differences of each one. The kids thought this was GREAT fun! We also labeled the parts of an apple.

Science & Apples  Identifying the parts of an apple

Learning Spanish through Apple Vocabulary

I printed up some new flashcards to practice Spanish vocabulary for fruits & colors. (These are for your personal use. Please do not sell or host files. Download here)




We’ve got so many fun preschool alphabet crafts , apple activities, September crafts, September Activities, and free apple printables for you to play and learn with kids this fall!

Kindergarten Activities

Book recommendations for Kids

Reading Comprehension

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