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Winter STEAM for Kids: Fraction Snowflakes

Add a little art and engineering to learning fractions with this adorable winter STEAM activity– Fraction Snowflakes.  It is a great activity for your kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, and/or 3rd grade student.  And just like an actual snowflake, no two fraction snowflakes will turn out the same.

Fraction Snowflake math craft for kids - such a FUN, creative, and educational winter STEAM activity for kids. Great for Kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grdae, and 3rd grade kids learning about fractions with a fun math activity.

We typically see a lot of snow during the winter season.  I am content to cuddle on the couch and watch the snow fall, whereas my kiddos are pulling out their snow gear to get bundled up to play in it.

Winter STEAM for Kids: Fraction Snowflakes

To bring a little snow inside– without the cold, we made this fun snowflake craft while sneaking in art, math, and engineering skills!  My daughter was not only learning about fractions, but symmetry and design.

My daughter’s math curriculum recently introduced fraction concepts– whole, half, and quarters. Keeping with the gentle introduction I made up this snowflake activity for her to do to reinforce what she knows, and to make a pretty winter craft, too.


  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • pen
  • various circles of varying sizes
stem activity for kids

I first prepped the activity by tracing around several different sized circular objects and cut out all of them.  Circular paper hole punches would have really come in handy, here! ha! If you are doing this craft with a large group, it may be wise to invest in several sizes.

I used glittery scrapbook paper, but use what you have on hand or buy some glitter paper, too.

I introduced this project by showing my daughter the different sized circles.  This is how our conversation went…

Me:  “This is a whole {holding up one of the circles}.
Remember when we talked about “cutting things in half to make to equal parts” like this? I then took a circle and folded it in half to make two parts.
And remember…
My daughter interrupts, “Oh, let me do that!”  as she proceeded to take the snowflake in my hand and fold it the other way to make four equal parts.
Me:  Yes! Just like that!

winter fraction activity for kids


With that simple refresher, we were ready to do our craft!  I gave her a pair of scissors so that she could cut the circles into halves or fourths.
Then, creativity unleashed as she went about her way cutting, arranging, and designing her fraction pieces to create her snowflake.
This fractions snowflake is easily to adapt to incorporate other shapes and fractions.  I kept it simple by using only circles, but you could add triangles, squares, rectangles, etc to make a truly unique snowflake!

winter activity for kids

I love that this simple afternoon activity incorporated art, math, and engineering skills!


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