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Felt Snowflake Art

The weather’s cold outside and the snow’s falling. The kiddos are excited to get their winter gear on and go for a run in the fluffy white stuff. But, at some point they have to come back inside. When they do, this winter craft for kids with a fun math twist is sure to be a hit.

Felt Snowflake Art - this fun winter craft for kids is perfect for a snowman or snow theme to help preschool, kindergarten, or first grade with a fun math twist.

Your child can learn about geometry, symmetry and pattern—all with some craft felt. This is an activity that grows with your little learner, letting you build on it or adapt it as your child grows. Along with adapting it for your child as she learns and grows, you can make it more (or less) complex if you have children of different ages (meaning that all the kids can join in).

What will this math-art activity help your child to learn (or how will it help her develop)? Well, obviously she’ll get to explore basic math concepts. It also helps her to build problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities and creativity. She’ll work on her fine motor development and also get to explore some science (sensory play and the winter season).


Before beginning this activity talk about winter. If your child hasn’t gotten the chance to see or play in the snow yet, take a look at photos or video of it. Get up close with a snowflake, or two. You can help her to hold one on her mitten or look at a picture from a book. Keep in mind, this activity won’t end up with a “snowflake” that looks realistic. Instead, it’s an artistic interpretation—which is a great way to open up the discussion and talk about creativity.


Felt Snowflake Art

winter craft


Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Craft felt (8×10-inch sheets or larger)
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Tempera paint and brushes or glue
felt craft project for toddler, preschool, kindergarten ,first grade, 2nd grade


Cut a circle from a piece of craft felt. Make the circle roughly the size of a soccer ball (or the diameter of the craft felt sheet). Older kids can use a compass to draw the circle or a ruler to measure points from the center (discussing words such as radius and circumference). Younger kids can use their own new vocab too—the word circle!


Make more shapes. Cut squares, diamonds, rectangles, triangles and circles in smaller sizes from different colors of craft felt. Keep in mind, these are artistic snowflakes. This means that they don’t have to be white. They may wind up looking like snowflake rainbows.
math craft for kids

Press the large circle onto another piece of felt (as a background). Optional: Your child (after learning about the circle), can fold it and cut a snowflake border. When she opens it up, she’ll start learning about symmetry.

glue felt shapes to larger felt sheet for this fun winter math activity for kids


Press the smaller shapes onto the circle/snowflake shape. Your child can create patterns or use symmetry to make something that looks similar to cut-out paper snowflakes.
Optional: Glue the felt together. Or, you can take it apart and your child can reuse it anytime as a DIY felt board.
use tempura paint on your felt shapes project if you like


Optional: Add paint to the felt. Use bold colors or coat the felt with a shimmery snow-like silver or opal.

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