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Penguin Pre K Sight Word Mazes

Kids will have fun practicing dolch sight words with these free printable Penguin Sight Word Mazes perfect for winter or Valentines Day.

FREE Penguin Pre K Sight Word Mazes - preschool kids will have fun practicing pre k sight words with these free printable penguin theme sight word worksheets! Sight Word activities make it fun for kids to read #preschool #preschool #sightwords

Penguin Activities for Kids


Penguin Sight Word Worksheets

Kindergarten and preschool kids will love these Valentine themed sight word worksheets! Looking for a fun way to reinforce reading sight words? These printable worksheets will get kids reading and tracing their sight words all the while working out the end to the maze! Read on to learn how you can use these printables.

Print as many sets as you need for the number of students in your class – choose the set you want for the level and ability of the students in your class


Pre K Sight Words Worksheets

These no prep sight word activity sheets will have your kids working on reading their sight words and writing them. There are two versions of these activity pages:

  1. Worksheets with reading and tracing the words
  2. Worksheets with a basic font where kids don’t trace the word, they just read it and color the image.

I would use the no trace set with preschoolers and the tracing set with more capable prek students or kindergartners. The two step activity sheets will probably overwhelm them if they’re not ready for them.


Start by showing the kids the sight word worksheet and complete a page with them. These pages can be printed with 2 on one page to save paper; you could even make booklets out of them! Have the kids use different colored pencils to color the preschool sight words as they find the path to the maze. They can also trace the other pre k sight words on the page using a different color.

As an extension activity, have the kids identify and read all the words on each page after they have completed the maze. That way they are also practicing their sight words and differentiating them as well.

FREE Printable Sight Words List - handy list of dolch words by grade to learn pre k, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade words. Plus free games and worksheets to make learning these common words FUN! #sightwords #dolchwords #printable Construction Sight Word Game for preschool and kindergarten age kids kids to improve reading

Preschool Sight Words Activities

Free pre k sight words activities to make learning fun:

Download Penguin Pre K Sight Word Mazes

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