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20 Favorite Winter Picture Books

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Winter is a season that is full of beautiful sights, and lots of fun activities. From snowy landscapes and icy windows to snowmen and winter sports, there are lots of things to celebrate about winter. This list is full of great children’s books about winter that are perfect for reading while snuggled up under a cozy blanket!


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Favorite Winter Picture Books


Snow was written and illustrated by Uri Shulevitz. This playful story follows a young boy and his dog as they wait excitedly for a snowy day. They know that the few snowflakes will amount to something wonderful, despite what everyone else says. The simple text is paired with engaging and lively illustrations that bring the magic of a snowy day to life.

Snow was written by Cynthia Rylant and illustrated by Lauren Stringer. This beautiful book uses lyrical and descriptive text to share all the different kinds of snow that can fall, and the amazing adventures that a snowy day can bring. The illustrations are gorgeous, and they make you want to play in the snow with the children.

The Snowy Day was written and illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats. This classic story follows a young boy named Peter as he ventures out into the city and explores on a snowy day. The brightly colored and soothing illustrations showcase some of the fun activities that kids tend to engage in while exploring the freshly fallen snow. Check out these fun activities to pair with the book!

Little Owl’s Snow was written and illustrated by Divya Srinivasan. This sweet story follows the adorable Little Owl as she witnesses the seasonal changes in the forest around her, and watches her animal friends prepare for winter. The poetic text is spread across the pages, becoming a part of the vibrant and tranquil illustrations.

Curious About Snow was written by Gina Shaw. This fascinating non-fiction book explores the science behind snow. The informational text is full of interesting facts about snow crystals, snowstorms, the background of “Snowflake” Bentley, and more. The text is accompanied by large, clear photographs that celebrate the beauty of snow.


Snowmen at Night was written by Caralyn Buehner and illustrated by Mark Buehner. Have you ever thought about what happens to that snowman in your yard after you go to sleep at night? This imaginative story suggests what snowmen get up to at night, to end up looking so disheveled and different in the morning. The rhyming text has a great rhythm to it, and the illustrations are full of fun and creative details. Check out these snowman activities to bring this book to life!

The Biggest Snowman Ever was written by Steven Kroll and illustrated by Jeni Bassett. This sequel to The Biggest Pumpkin Ever revisits the cute mouse pals Clayton and Desmond as they learn to work together to win the local snowman contest. The story has a sweet message of cooperation and teamwork, and the illustrations are adorable and full of comforting snowy scenes.

Snowman Magic was written by Katherine Tegen and illustrated by Brandon Dorman. This story follows a young boy named George as he celebrates a snow day by making a snowman. The snowman then comes to life, and they have all kinds of fun playing together. But what happens when his new friend melts? This sweet story is accompanied by beautiful illustrations that capture all the magical fun of a snowy day.

The Snowbear was written by Sean Taylor and illustrated by Claire Alexander. This sweet story follows two young kids as they play in the snow and build a happy looking snowbear. When they get into trouble sledding in the woods, the snowbear comes to life and rescues them. The story is full of imagination and wonder, and kids will love the adorable snowbear.


The Mitten was written and illustrated by Jan Brett. When a young boy named Nicki drops his mitten in the snow, it soon becomes a cozy hideaway for a growing number of woodland creatures. As more animals cuddle up in the mitten, it grows and stretches until a funny turn of events brings it back to Nicki again. The story is fun and creative, and the illustrations are beautiful, with detailed sidebar illustrations done in Jan Brett’s signature style.

The Mitten Tree was written by Candace Christiansen and illustrated by Elaine Greenstein. This heartwarming story tells the tale of an elderly woman named Sarah who watches the children playing at the bus stop, and decides to knit a pair of mittens for a boy who doesn’t have any. She leaves them on a nearby tree and watches as he discovers them. The boy is so excited to have mittens, that Sarah decides to start knitting more mittens for the other children who need them. The sweet story is full of great messages about helping others, and giving without the need for recognition. Spread kindness with these fun activities based on the story!

The Missing Mitten Mystery was written and illustrated by Steven Kellogg. This fun story follows a young girl named Annie as she searches for her missing red mitten. She explores the areas where she played in the snow with her friends throughout the day, reminiscing about her adventures. She imagines all of the animals that may be using her mitten for good, and even thinks about growing a mitten tree to replace the missing one. The story has a sweet conclusion, and the engaging and colorful illustrations are full of personality.


Winter Dance was written by Marion Dane Bauer and illustrated by Richard Jones. As the animals all prepare for winter, the fox isn’t sure what to do. His animal friends all try to share their own ideas, but nothing seems to suit him. This exploration of animals and their winter preparations is told through poetic text and beautiful illustrations that are full of impressive textures and colors.

Animals in Winter was written by Henrietta Bancroft and Richard G. Van Gelder and illustrated by Helen K. Davie. This informative book uses short sentences and simple text to introduce readers to the winter habits of various animals and creatures. The illustrations are colorful and full of details, and the book also includes information on helping animals to get food in the winter.

Over and Under the Snow was written by Kate Messner and illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal. When a young girl and her father see a red squirrel disappear under the snow that they are skiing on, she wonders about the animals beneath their feet. The informative text shares lots of facts about animals that live beneath the snow during the winter, and the tunnels and caves in which they make their homes. The retro themed illustrations use soothing colors to create a winter landscape, and the back of the book also includes more information about the animals featured in the book.

Bear Has a Story to Tell was written by Philip C. Stead and illustrated by Erin E. Stead. This sweet story follows Bear as he tries to tell a story to his friends, but finds them all preparing for winter. He helps them get ready, and eventually falls asleep himself. When he wakes up in the Spring, he goes in search of his friends again so he can finally share his story. The book has a great message about patience and friendship while also touching on the winter preparations of different animals. The illustrations steal the show with the delicate pencil and watercolor artwork showcasing the beauty of their natural surroundings.

Frederick was written and illustrated by Leo Lionni. In this sweet story, a little mouse named Frederick is expected to gather corn, straw, and other items for winter. Instead, Frederick chooses to colors, words, and sun rays for dismal winter days. During the dark days of winter, the other mice learn the importance of Frederick’s poetic soul and the power of words and imagination. The illustrations are done in Lionni’s signature collage style, with the vibrant textures popping on the white background.

Winter Sports

Bunny Slopes was written and illustrated by Claudia Rueda. This fun interactive book encourages the reader to take part in the story by turning, shaking, and manipulating the book to help Bunny fly down the slopes and face the obstacles in his path. The text is playful, with Bunny speaking right to the reader, and the illustrations are simple and adorable.

Learning to Ski with Mr. Magee was written and illustrated by Chris Van Dusen. Mr. Magee and his little dog Dee head out for a day of skiing, but quickly run into trouble. A curious moose puts them into a precarious situation, but he may just save them in the end! The rhyming text has a great rhythm to it, and the illustrations are brightly colored and full of fun retro style.

Squirrels on Skis was written J. Hamilton Ray and illustrated by Pascal Lemaître. This funny story follows the troubles of a small town that is overrun by squirrels on skis. While some townspeople want to use a vacuum device to get rid of them, reporter Sally Sue is determined to find a humane way to get rid of them. The rhyming text is lots of fun to read aloud, and the illustrations are entertaining and funny.


Winter Activities for Kids

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