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Sticky Yarn Snowflake Craft For Kids

It’s officially winter and very cold outside where I live. So it is now the perfect time to bring out the craft supplies and do some winter crafts! Today I’m sharing Sticky Yarn Snowflake Craft For Kids┬áthat involves sensory play and fine motor practice, but also results in beautiful snowflakes to display all winter.

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We recently did a shape banner made from yarn and the boys loved it, so I thought a yarn snowflake craft would be a fun winter craft for them. We used white and turquoise yarn for our snowflakes but it would be fun to get creative with other colors too. If your kids are like mine and like to “bedazzle” things, it’s also fun to add sequins, jewels, or glitter for a little extra sparkle.

Another thing I like about this craft is that it involves sensory play with the glue and yarn. For my kids, pushing yarn into the glue, stirring it around, and choosing a sticky piece to use was a big hit. I also like that there is fine motor practice involved as the yarn is carefully picked out and placed along the lines.

These snowflakes can be adapted based on what you have on hand or your child’s age, so feel free to get creative!


Yarn Snowflakes

winter craft


  • Yarn
  • FREE Snowflake Template (or use your favorite coloring page, draw one, our use other template
  • Cutting board, cookie sheet, piece of cardboard or anything flat to work on
  • Wax Paper
  • Tape
  • Washable School Glue (PVA glue)
  • A small bowl
  • Scissors
  • Optional: jewels, glitter, sequins, etc.

snowflake crafts using wax paper, yarn, school glue, and jewels

I decided to use a cutting board as a work surface that I didn’t mind getting glue on (the Elmer’s glue we used is non-toxic and washes off).

I printed the printable snowflakes to use as a template. (above)
Next I laid the printable down on the cutting board, put a piece of wax paper on top, and then taped down the edges so it wouldn’t move around.
yarn snowflake craft for kids
We found that it is easiest if the yarn is cut into smaller pieces. I used the template as a guide and cut several pieces of yarn.
Next we squeezed some glue into a small bowl (my toddlers favorite part). You can add a small amount of water if the glue is thick (keeping in mind the more water you add, the longer it takes dry and the snowflakes will be less stiff).

Time for messy fun! The boys put the yarn into the bowl with the glue, and stirred and mushed it around with their fingers.

snowflake craft for kids of all ages; january kids activities

Snowflake Craft Preschool

Pick one piece of yarn out of the bowl at a time and lay it down onto the wax paper, using the snowflake template as a guide. Continue doing this until the snowflake shape is complete and you are satisfied with your design.

Sticky Yarn Snowflake Craft For Kids
Optional: Add sparkle! For some we used glitter and just sprinkled onto the wet snowflakes.
Snowflake Craft Preschool
If you’re adding heavier embellishments like jewels or beads, you may need to use glue.
Let dry completely. Dry time will vary depending on the glue brand and if water was added. Ours took about 24 hours.
Sticky Yarn Snowflake Craft For Kids

Cut the snowflakes out leaving a border of wax paper around them for stability. You can also peel the snowflakes off of the wax paper, but I I chose to leave our on the wax paper for durability. Plus, I liked the “icy” look of the wax paper.

Yarn Snowflakes

Here are some ideas for displaying your creation:

  • Tape them to a window to use as a sun catcher
  • String them in a row onto yarn or ribbon to make a banner.
  • Attach each one to a string individually to hang from the ceiling to make it look like falling snow!
  • Glue one to a piece of construction paper and add a snowflake poem, a verse about being special and unique (like a snowflake), or write a story about your snowflake.
FREE-Winter-Letter-Find-Worksheets circle-sticker-snowman-craft

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