November 12, 2022
30 New Year’s Eve Ideas for Kids

30 New Year’s Eve Ideas for Kids


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Before you know it it will be New Year’s Eve! Do you plan a party or family get-together? Look at all these fabulous New Year’s Eve Ideas for Kids and ring in the New Year by having fun!

30 New Year's Eve for Kids ideas - so many clever, unique, and fun activities from kids party hats, time capsules, friends, life, and more to have a fun family new year's eve party

New Year’s Eve Ideas for Kids

Buy inexpensive cups and ping pong balls and play this Ping pong balls and cup game with adults and kids!

Everyone can make an Individual time capsule and keep it until next year, open it up at the end of the year to see the growth!

The kids will love these Balloon Confetti Poppers!

new year's eve games for kids and families

Decorate for the occasion and make a Paper bell garland .

More confetti fun with these Confetti poppers or make Party Cup Poppers using party cups, balloons and pompoms. Great fun!


new year's eve activities for kids

Print out these New Year resolution printables , more printables or free coloring pages to keep the kids occupied while the adults visit uninterrupted.

new year's eve party activities

Make pretty Fireworks rings from pipecleaners!

Add some learning activities to the day by setting up a Solve the mystery countdown .

Or a New Years fizzy science activity is perfect for learning about reactions.

Print these Party Hats and decorate it yourselves. Will keep the kids busy until the next year;)

Sensory activities like these Glow in the dark sensory bottles and

Confetti playdough will definitely be a hit with the younger crowd.

new year's eve resolutions for kids

And for the older kids, let them create a Wishing wall. Or, use these New Years resolution printables to sneak in writing practice too!

For younger kids you can use these Interview questions . It will be great looking back in a few years, a lovely keepsake.

Have a RING in the New Year party with all circular items. Make garland to decorate and have circular snacks.

How fun does this Countdown punch piñata look? Fill with sweets or novelty gifts.

Make this gorgeous fireworks craft using nature, frugal and super fun!

Even the toddlers can join in the celebrations with a New Years sensory bin Or
Matching printable game.

new year's eve 2018

Another STEAM activity is this New Years ball drop challenge or this paper tube fireworks craft.

Involve the whole family with Balloon stomp.

A great breakfast idea: Painted toast! Paint fireworks or anything really!

Make Edible sparkles As a sweet snack for later in the day.

This Count down clock craft can be used to count the hours and these

Noise makers can announce the New Years arrival!

Plus don’t miss our FREE New Year’s Eve Coloring Pages

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