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Mitten Matching Color Game

Are your young children learning their colors? Set up this fun Mitten Matching Color Game to learn colors AND develop fine motor skills too!

Mitten matching Color Game - this is such a fun winter themed activity to help kids practice identifying colors in toddler, preschool, and kindergarten.

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Mitten Matching Color Game

This fun and easy to set-up Mitten Matching Color Game is a great way to help kids practice matching colors.
cut out mittens from felt, colored clothespins, and string clothesline

What you need:


Mitten Matching Color Game

Cut mitten shapes out of the felt, craft foam or cardboard. Two of each color. (Find a template HERE) Attach a string to anything that will give you a “washing line” effect. We used an old computer stand, but one can simply use two chairs.

fun game to help kids practice identifying colors

Time to play!

Roll the dice. Find the color peg that the dice landed on. Also find the color mittens. “Hang” up the mittens. See how quickly you can get all the mittens on the “washing line”. Individual players can time themselves and try to beat their previous time. If more than one child plays, and does well with competitive games, they can try to beat each other.

color game for toddler, preschool, kindergarten

A fun game to work on color recognition and fine motor skills with little ones!

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