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Color Matching Pencils & Erasers Activity

Do you have a preschooler starting school soon? Does he/she know his/her colors? Make these popsicle pencils and erasers (pompoms or colored mini erasers)for a fun color matching activity!

Color Matching Pencils & Erasers Activity for toddler, preschool, kindergarten. #colors #toddler #preschool

Color Matching Activity

Color recognition is a skill young children often learn by playing. We could provide learning opportunities like these “pencils and erasers” activity for them to consolidate those skills in a fun way! See all of our  color activities for kids
What do you need:
  • Colored popsicle/craft sticks
  • Pompoms or mini erasers
  • Marker
Draw pencil shapes(rectangle with triangle) on your sticks with the marker, leaving a space at the “back” for the eraser.(Our purple stick was a bit too dark to show the lines of the pencil in the images)
PS- you can add the color name too if you’d like the child to start recognizing the names.

Learning Colors

Provide a tweezers or tongs together with the pencils and erasers and ask the child to match the colors!
This activity can be placed in a small bag(pencil bag or Ziploc bag) or box and be used as a busy bag during traveling, waiting times or quiet time! Pair it with a color die/dice and make a game out of it with two players- see who can match their erasers first by the luck of the dice!
A fine motor skills and color matching activity in one!

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Nadia is South African mom to two littlies, a former preschool teacher and currently working as a reading therapist at a remedial school. She blogs over at about easy and playful activities inspiring you to be your child's first teacher.

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