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Rainbow Pom Pom Color Sorting Game

Today we are bringing color into your world with a fun rainbow pompom sorting game! This is a simple, but fun activity to work on color recognition, fine motor skills, hands-eye coordination, mathematical skills, language and more!

Rainbow Pom Pom Color Sorting game for toddler, preschool, kindergarten

Rainbow Pom Pom Color Sorting Game

This Rainbow Pom Pom Color Sorting Game is such a fun way for kids to practice distinguishing colors while strengthening fine motor skills.

color sorting game for toddler, preschool, prek, kindergarten

All you need is:

tongs and pom pom color sorting game for fine motor development

How to play:

A child can play individually, rolling the dice and adding the correct pompoms to the correct container. Or, two or more can play. Each child chooses their colors, then they take turns to roll the dice. If it lands on a color pompom the player has, it can be added to the correct container. If not, better luck next time! First one with no pompoms left, is the winner!

Using tongs or tweezers are great for fine motor skills (Tip: Usually, the younger the child, the bigger the tong or tweezers must be.) as well as hand eye coordination. It strengthens the small muscles in the fingers needed for writing.

The sorting of colors develops color recognition and you should talk about the color names to develop language and vocabulary as well during this game.

spring rainbow themed color sorting game for preschool, toddler, prek, kindergarten

Extend this game by counting the pompoms, making pairs and doing simple sums like:

  • “How many green ones are left after you have added one more?”
  • “How many red ones do we have now in the container after adding the last two?”
  • “How many pompoms do you have altogether?”

This is also mathematical vocabulary children get used to hearing in a fun way and then they will be more keen to learn as well.

A fun and bright rainbow pompom sorting game your preschoolers or kindy’s will enjoy!

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