November 12, 2022
Marbleized Melted Crayon Ornaments

Marbleized Melted Crayon Ornaments


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These beautiful Marbleized Melted Crayon Ornaments are fun-to-make and simply gorgeous! The stunning effect of the crayon ornaments is just stunning. It makes a great diy ornaments for kids and the perfect homemade Christmas gifts. So grab a couple simple materials to make these lovely crayon Christmas ornament with preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, and elementary age kids.

Melted Crayon Ornaments

These  Melted Crayon Christmas Ornaments are spectacularly beautiful!  I don’t think my pictures did them justice, but they are truly a beautiful work of art for our tree. These melted crayon ornaments are easy to make plus kids love to help make these! Both you and the kids will be impressed by the beautiful marble effect the melted crayon makes in these one-of-a-kind Christmas ornaments. This Christmas ornament craft is easy to make with your preschoolers, kindergartners, grade 1, grade 2, elementary age kids, middle school children, and even high school students.

So grab your simple supplies, have fun making these one of a kid ornaments, and enjoy the beauty of these colorful crayon balls hanging on your tree year after year!

melted crayon craft for kids
Crayon ornaments

Have you ever wondered how to make melted crayon ornaments? Let me show you how simple this pretty melted crayon project is to make. Plus the results are so beautiful they will become a treasured Christmas ornament craft. To make these DIY ornaments you will need:

  • plain, clear glass ornaments
  • crayons
  • pot holders or winter gloves
  • hair dryer

pick shades of the same color

Crayon Christmas ornament

Although you can mix different colors, I highly suggest you make each ornament a certain color and pick shades of that color. It gives a really pretty marbled effect. When you mix colors, you can end up with a brown ornament by mistake if the crayons over mix.

cut little flakes for quickeest crayon melting
Crayon ornament craft

I find that cutting the crayon pieces into little chunks or shavings works best as it will shorten the amount of time you need to melt the crayons in the ornament.

kids will love helping to make a melted crayon chrsitmas ornament craft
DIY Marbleized glass ornaments

Your willing helpers can then put the crayon pieces inside the glass ornament. Now put the top back on.

melting crayonsMelting Crayons

I suggest parents do this part

You will want to wear heavy winter gloves or use a good put holder because the glass will get hot as you point the hair dryer at the ornament. It needs to get hot to melt the crayons.

As the crayons begin to melt inside you will gently rotate your ornament to cover all the inside glass and create a really pretty pattern at the same time. It only takes about 20 seconds or so.

I did the holding of the ornaments at our house while the crayons were melting. I thought it was just safer. It never got to hot using my winter gloves. Please remember to use caution as you would completing any craft.

Crayon Ornaments

Here is our first completed crayons christmas ornament. I just love the effect. These are so pretty; I think they rival any store bought ball ornament!

Crayon Christmas Ornaments

Melted Crayon Christmas Ornaments

Here are  the 10 Melted Crayon Christmas Ornaments we made. My favorites are the mostly one color with swirls of marble painted effect colors in the same hue.

But in case you were curious, the two on the right were made with a mixture of colors. My husband thinks the upper right looks like the bouncy balls for sale in the 80s. We made it with red, yellow, and blue. The one on the bottom right was white, gold, pink, and green. Still pretty, but my favorites are the more striking bold single colors.

 diy Christmas Ornaments

These fun, easy to make Melted Crayon Ornaments are going to be a favorite Christmas Activity for Kids at your house. They make beautiful additions to any tree and wonderful kid made Christmas gifts for Grandparents, neighbors, or friends.

If you are admiring the beautiful bowl the ornaments are in, we made it! Here are directions for one of my kid’s favorite crafts – our kid-made Colorful Bowl Craft for Kids.

Melted Crayon Ornaments - this Christmas crafts makes GORGEOUS holiday ornaments! What a fun diy, homemade ornament that is EASY for kids to make; kid made Christmas present. Perfect for ornaments kids can make with help or for moms #christmasornaments #ornamentcrafts #chrsitmascrafts Star Christmas Ornament Craft for Preschoolers

Ornament Craft Ideas

Looking for more fun and easy ornament crafts to make with your kids in December. You will love these ideas:

Make learning math and literacy skills FUN in December with these super cute, free printable Polar Express Worksheets. Download the pdf file with the polar express worksheets free for no prep, free printable Christmas worksheets to make learning fun with a favorite Christmas picture book for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, and 2nd grade students. Gingerbread pritnables Christmas Playdough Mats

Christmas Worksheets for Kids

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  1. Jeanne Avatar

    You can do the same with liquid paints. Clean your bulbs with alcohol let dry pour paint down the sides then move the bulb around to speed paint then turn upside and rain exeses paint out. It will marble and move until it dries. I have done 2 colors and 3 colors

  2. l emauels Avatar
    l emauels

    I’m wondering about storage — would they crayons re-melt and become blobs in the bottoms of the ornaments? We store our Christmas stuff in the attic where it gets really hot in the summer.

    1. Beth Gorden Avatar

      They require a LOT of direct heat…. we store ours there too and never had a problem