December 7, 2023
FREE Christmas Vowel Team Game with Phonics EU Words

FREE Christmas Vowel Team Game with Phonics EU Words


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Make practicing the phonics eu sound FUN with this free printable vowel team game! This Christmas phonics activity is perfect for first grade students to work on identifying, reading, and spelling words with eu sound.

Make practicing the phonics eu sound FUN with this free printable vowel team game! This Christmas phonics activity is perfect for first grade students to work on identifying, reading, and spelling words with eu sound.

Vowel Team Game

Practice reading “ue” words with this low-prep, Christmas game. Over the past six months, my daughter and I have focused on vowel teams. Each week we learn one, and spend the whole week reading and writing words with that “vowel team”. Why have we spent so much time on this skill? Here are just three of the many reasons. This vowel team game is a fun Christmas phonics activity for grade 1 students to work on the eu sound in words while having fun this December.

Why Should We Work On Vowel Teams:

Pronunciation: Vowel teams consist of two or more vowels that work together to produce a specific sound. Learning vowel teams helps individuals understand how certain combinations of vowels create distinct sounds in words. For instance, “ea” can make different sounds in words like “eat,” “head,” or “bread.”

Improving Reading Skills: Recognizing vowel teams assists in decoding words while reading. When encountering vowel teams in a word, understanding their pronunciation patterns helps readers pronounce words accurately and fluently.

Enhancing Vocabulary: Being familiar with vowel teams helps in recognizing and understanding a wide range of words. Many words contain vowel teams, and understanding their patterns aids in expanding one’s vocabulary. And as we are reading works with this partitional pattern, we often come across words she has never heard of. This gives us the opportunity to understand this word and practice using it.

ue two syllable words game

The Different Sounds Of “ue”

In English, the letter combination “ue” can have different pronunciations depending on the word. BUT they are so close, that you may not want to make a distinction for your little ones. For our grown-up knowledge though, here are some common rules or patterns for reading “ue”:

Silent “e”: In some words, the “e” at the end of the combination “ue” is silent, and the preceding vowel is usually a long vowel sound. (think back to the not-always-correct saying that when two vowels go a-walking, the first one does the talking.) The other reason the “e” is added, is that English words are not supposed to end in an “u”.

Words with eu sound phonics

  • Example: “cue,” “due,” “rescue.” Here, the “u” takes on a long “u” sound

“oo” Sound: Occasionally, “ue” is pronounced as the “oo” sound, especially in words of French origin.

  • Example: “venue” “cue”

“yoo” Sound: In certain words, particularly those of French origin, “ue” can be pronounced as the “yoo” sound.

  • Example: “tissue,” “value.”

As we worked on these words, we practiced making the “long u” sound at the end of the words.

eu words phonics

Prep Work –

  • Print off game board
  • Choose a spinner that matches the words on the board and cut it out.
  • Finally, gather up some game pieces and a spinner OR a paper clip and pencil.

ue game three levels

Vowel team activities

Directions –

  1. Player 1 will spinner the spinner and read the word aloud. If you are playing the first two game boards, move up the board until they come to a picture that matches the word. If you are playing with the last game board, they will move forward until they land on the same word they spun.
  2. Player 2 does the same.
  3. This continues until someone spins a word and the picture or word is not in front of their game piece. At that time, they can move to the finish space, and they win the game.

Enjoy playing a game and working on reading, pronouncing, and learning words that end in “ue”.


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Vowel Teams

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R Controlled Vowel Practice

Make practicing phonics words with the EU sound FUN with a FREE printable Christmas vowel team game for first grade students.

EU Sound Words

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