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FREE Printable Long a Game with ai Words

Practice vowel team “ai” with this fun no-prep game long a game. This free printable phonics game helps first graders work on ai words. Children work their way around the game board as they read ai sound words. Simply download pdf file with words with ai in them and you are ready to play and learn! Practice vowel team "ai" with this fun no-prep game long a game. This free printable phonics game helps first graders work on ai words. Children work their way around the game board as they read ai sound words. Simply download pdf file with words with ai in them and you are ready to play and learn!

ai Words

Vowel Teams! There are so many of them, and it can seem overwhelming as we are teaching our young readers to read. But for our readers that struggle, we must teach every single one of them. And today we get to focus on reading a vowel team that makes the long a sound, “ai”. This long a game helps grade 1 students learn ai sound words while having fun! This ai Word phonics activity for 1st graders is filled with  words containing ai. Whether you are a parent, teacher, or homeschooler – you will love this handy 1st grade printables with  ai words list. Plus there are two-levels to this no-prep game.

Long a Game

Start by scrolling to the bottom of the post, under the terms of use, and click on the text link that says >> Download <<. The pdf file will open in a new window for you to save the freebie and print the template. Long a Game

ai Words Phonics

This game is very simple to get ready!!

  1. First, choose the level that will work for your child and print it off . The first page is one-syllable words. The second page has a mix of one syllable and two syllable words.
  2. Next, grab a die and game pieces.

And you are ready to go. word with ai in them

ai Sound Words

The rules for this game are pretty easy, as we want the focus to be on reading the words.

  1. Players will take turns rolling the die and moving that many spaces on the game board.
  2. As they land on the words they read each “ai” word. (I had my little ones move the correct number of spaces, and then we went back and read the words they had passed.)
  3. If they land on a rain cloud, they have to move back 2 spaces. (Don’t forget to read those words)
  4. If they land on a rainbow, they get to slide on the rainbow to the connecting space. (You can decide if the rainbow only makes them move forward, or if they have to move backwards too.)
  5. The first person to get to the large purple star wins!!

ai words phonics

Words with ai in Them

Before reading these words, it may be helpful to go over to review that “ai” makes the Long a sound.

It is also important to point out, that the “ail” make a different sound. That “l” often changes the sound of the vowel, and our struggling readers need extra practice learning that specific sound. Before jumping into the game it may help to practice reading all the “ail” words.

sail, nail, pail, snail, trail, jail, ailment,

The “air” sound is also a little different too. Once again, having our little ones read all the “air” words at one time will help them learn this sound.

air, airline, pair, chair, fair, stairs.

Enjoy a little fun while practicng reading words that have “ai”.

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ai words printables

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